A Close Shave With Shaun, Wallace & Gromit

A Close Shave With Shaun, Wallace & Gromit, Lego MOC

After a mishap in the kitchen with breakfast Wallace and Gromit are ready to wash windows and save the day. It’s been a busy day, meeting a very hungry sheep named Shaun. The robot dog Preston is up to no good and Wendolene will need to be saved. Good thing they have a fast motorcycle. This “A Close Shave” Lego MOC is built by grubaluk and hides a nice surprise. This Lego build is an actual working RC Motorcycle. I’m sure Gromit doesn’t mind, but he is sharing the sidecar with a the motor. The Lego RC motorcycle can go forward, and make turns. To help sell the illusion that Wallace is driving, a clever system of gears and strings attach his arms to the handlebars. The rest of the Lego work is great too. The studs being used to represent a rough wool sweater is a great detail. As are the Lego snakes, and wool hat used for details on Gromits face. They motorcycle looks good too! But is it fast enough for Lego Wallace and Gromit to save the day from the malfunctioning Preston?

A Close Shave With Shaun, Wallace & Gromit, Lego MOC Motorcycle

Check out this “Wallace and Gromit RC Motorcycle with sidecar” from A Close Shave over here for more information: https://www.flickr.com/photos/10098915@N07/49723316366/

And, make sure to watch this video showing how the motorbike works: https://youtu.be/EQ8jgiALteM

It’s Time To Get A Lego Wristwatch

It's Time To Get A Lego Wristwatch

Lego has officially made a lot of watches. But, they are all made for the children’s market with bright loud colors. The watches are also large, probably to target a certain age range. So what would an adult Lego watch look like? Luis Peña has imagined just that with his Lego Wristwatch MOC. A very classic design. An analog watch with roman numerals, and a whole lot of gold. The use of the 1×2 grille pieces represents metal links surprisingly well. The use of the 2×2 clear round pieces is also a good solution to get everything connected. Then there is the large radar dish with the printed clock. A perfect way to finish this personal timepiece.

Check out this Lego Wristwatch over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127520452@N04/49713556052/

Build This Lego Baby Mecha, With Instructions

Build This Lego Baby Mecha, With Instructions

Lego Robots, Mechs, Mechas, Power Armors, and Exosuits are very popular. And, there are many many ways to build them. This Lego Baby Mecha is one of the smallest, and cutest of these. Built by Milan Sekiz. It features red, white and grey coloring with a candy swirl for decoration. The little baby is carefully and securely piloting this little robot. The little Lego sausages for the cab is one of the best details. The whole thing is about 26 pieces. Milan Sekiz has put together a set of detailed and helpful instructions. So now you can build your own Lego Baby Mecha. You could probably change up the colors and details a bit and make your own baby battalion. They will need a lot of diapers though.

Check out higher resolution photos of the Baby Mecha and Instructions over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/128819970@N06/49724753642/

Build This Lego Baby Mecha, With Instructions Manual

Mining For Lego Fuel With EXT01 And Nick

Mining For Lego Fuel With EXT01 And Nick

Nothing is more valuable than fuel. How else can you power your power suit? And, that drone needs a some too. These two are looking for rare proto fuel out on the ice. Mining for Lego fuel is a very explosive and dangerous job. The duo “EXT01 & Nick” is the creation of Devid VII. Nick is all suited up in a Minifigure scale power armor. As usual these Lego builds are very delicate. If you get a closer look at the suit, you can see that there are ski attachments. The joystick design, and clips for feet are also great. Nick will use those joysticks to pilot his accompanying drone named EXT01. A larger unmanned robot, built to do the heavy lifting. These two have great color choices, making them pop out of the white background. They just look so happy to be risking their lives mining for Lego fuel.

Check out “EXT01 & Nick” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/devid7/49711926978/

Take A Boat To This Lego Laguna Domicila

Take A Boat To This Lego Laguna Domicila

You will need to take the boat if you’re trying to get into this Lego MOC. The Laguna Domicila is the creation of jaapxaap. It has taken a lot of work to finish this one, and it shows. This house is situated on a watery base. It has a very whimsical feel to it, helped by all the bright purple detailing. The roof, door and boat all pop out when compared to the grey and tan structure. A great use of contrast. The Lego building itself is a great mix of sturdy stone structure, and ramshackle wooden details. Achieved by mixing different brown bricks, and making sure not everything is lined up straight. This is the kind of build that inspires stories. Now what kind of person would/need to live here?

Check out the Lego Laguna Domicila over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98322162@N04/49712739712/

The Lego Splat Friends

The Lego Splat Friends

The Lego Splat Friends are the creation of Inthert. This super cute duo is ready to brighten your day. These new splat styled gears started to appear in 2019. Their friendly round shape makes them perfect for a lot of different applications. Perhaps the simplest use is in these Splat Friends. A few Minifigure ratchet tools, some 1×1 clips, and some printed eyes is all you need. These two were created as an experiment for the 2019 Parts Fest at New Elementary. Although they look very flat in photos, it looks like their is a bit more depth to them than expected. Maybe 3-4 plates deep. No matter what, these two Friends certainly leave a great impression.

Check out more information about the Lego Splat Friends over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/inthert/48792519511/

Mike, Gypsy, And Cambot In A Lego Mystery Science Theater

Mike, Gypsy, And Cambot In A Lego Mystery Science Theater 3000

This Lego Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) build is the creation of Chris Doyle. The scene features the host Mike, and the robot Gypsy. The original television show started in 1988, and continues on (in some form) today. A human and a few robots are aboard the spaceship The Satellite of Love, and are forced to take part in an experiment: to see what happens to humans when forced to watch terrible movies. This scene feature Mike, the second human host to take part in the experiment. This Lego build depicts the moment between bad movies, when Mike and the robots are getting into all sorts of wacky situations. Mike is a great caricature and looks very animated. Check out those Lego hands, the solution for thumbs works well. Gypsy the purple robot is instantly recognizable. In another photo, you can see Cambot is also hanging around, and a mirror is used to show off the design. An excellent use of a Lego tire. Will Lego Mike Nelson ever finish the experiment, or will he finally escape?

Mike And Cambot In A Lego Mystery Science Theater

Check more photos from this Lego Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) build over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/reasonablyclever/49705861287/

Object 6-C: Five Lego Circles Dripping

Object 6-C: Five Lego Circles Dripping

This is Object 6-C, a Lego MOC by Mitsuru Nikaido. This object is five Lego rings that seem to melting. With blue, black, red, yellow and green drips. The drips of color are all instantly recognizable. The circles themselves are very impressive. A bunch of 1×1 blocks with studs on all sides, and a lot of black joints. A very simple, and very effective way to build a circle out of Lego.

Object 6-C: Five Lego Circles Dripped

Check out more photos and angles of “Object 6-C” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/142497481@N02/49703301002/

Crocodile Jack Just Wants To Say Hi

Crocodile Jack Just Wants To Say Hi

This is Crocodile Jack. He is having a great day and wants to make sure you are too. The Lego Crocodile is the work of Matt Goldberg. Jack is inspired by children’s artwork. Starting out as a doodle, and being fully realized as a Lego MOC. This is a great build featuring a very rare Lego color. The Mixel eyes are what really pulls this creation together. There is a lot of personality in those two white orbs. The pink tongue also does a lot of work in making this animal look friendly. Jack is also fully posable and articulated. With a moving tail, fully movable feet, legs, and jaws. Jack is ready for almost anything.

Crocodile Jack Just Wants To Say Hi Funny Face

You check out the original artwork, more photos and information about this Lego Crocodile Jack over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ballomnomnom/sets/72157713662389447/