This Urban Panda Knows Some Tricks

This Urban Panda Knows Some Tricks, Lego MOC

This Panda has learned to adapt to his new urban lifestyle. Since moving to the big city he has picked up a new red bow tie. But, that is the least of this new tricks. Panda has learned how to order delivery from his new smartphone. It has never been easier to order bamboo to go. This Urban Panda Lego MOC is created by DOGOD Brick Design. The build has been entered into the recent Lego Ideas “Your build in the world-famous Lego house!” contest. This is a very well designed creation. Most importantly the bear has a great shape. Nothing looks too flat, or too fragile here. He just looks cute. Another great part of this design is how well the arms and legs are integrated into the body. Panda is hiding a huge secret. There is a hidden panel on his tummy that can be removed to reveal a message. Inside of this Lego Panda is small vignette showing Panda Bears living in a bamboo forest. The message is that even though life is nice in the big city, this bear will always miss his life in the forest.

This Urban Panda Knows Some Tricks, Lego MOC Secret

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Spyro The Dragon Lego Build

Spyro The Dragon Lego Build

The Spyro the Dragon video game was first released in 1998 on the Playstation. One of the best platformers of that generation, and often found on demo discs. Recently Spyro has seen a resurgence in popularity with the remake of original trilogy of games called Spyro Reignited. The little purple dragon is unbelievably cute. This Spyro the Dragon Lego build is created by Marin Stipkovic. Usually a Lego model has to be less detailed than its inspiration. But in this case, the model is more detailed and less blocky than the Playstation original. Spyro has a full range of motion, with fully posable feet, wings, mouth, and tail. The horns being built with Technic pieces is a great solution, and the brick built wings look great.

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Lego Builds Of Frisk, Mettaton, Flowey, and Sans From Undertale

Lego Builds Of Frisk, Mettaton, Flowey, and Sans From Undertale

The popular video game Undertale has a lot of memorable characters. You have Frisk the main character, Mettaton a robotic entertainer, Flowey the flower, and the pun loving Sans. Anthony Forsberg has built this collection of Lego Undertale characters. They started out building Mettaton and then decided to include the main cast. These brick built figures are proud of their studs, which seems fitting. In a way the studs are reminiscent of the 8-bit style graphics from the game. Frisk and Sans are wonderfully three dimensional, the faces are not just flat which complicated the models and was worth the effort. Mettaton contains fully posable hands and arms and is holding a microphone. Flowey is a charming creation, especially the petals. A few custom stickers for the face, which represent the full range of emotions during the game.

Lego Flowey From Undertale

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Stay At Home, A Lego MOC

Stay At Home, A Lego MOC

This is “Stay At Home” a Lego MOC created by Ryouta. A very simple build with a whole lot of personality. The cute little red crab is built with two 1×1 lego clips, a couple 1×1 cylinders, and 1×1 flat eyes. Just a few bricks, and instantly recognizable. The classic red roofed dog house build is a perfect match for its resident. This is a great example of what you can build with a limited supply of Lego. It is all up to your imagination. Whether or not you can carry your own home on your back, there is no better time than now to stay inside.

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The Child — A Baby Yoda Lego Build

The Child — A Baby Yoda MOC

There are so many Lego Baby Yoda builds out there, and each one is special in its own way. It is always interesting to see how designers approach the same subject matter in unique ways. This Lego MOC is called “The Child” and is created by NS Brick Designs. This little Yoda is built using SNOT techniques. Especially noticeable in the robes. The work done around the collar and the end at the bottom. A few of the great details here include the 1×1 green clips for hands, and the 1×2 jumper plate for a mouth. For display, the scattering of olive Lego plants around the scene gives a good impression of an alien planet with out actually building one. In the end, another great Baby Yoda!

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Lego Stitch, Now With More Arms!

Lego Stitch, Now With More Arms! Updated Lego MOC.

Stitch is the adorable alien, who just happens to extremely dangerous. This Lego Stitch created by Legohaulic has been updated to reflect both personalities. Compared to the previous build (check it out here) the newer model has been considerably redesigned. The “earth dog” version now has a bigger head, more SNOT building techniques, better fur, and bigger ears. The biggest change is that the model now supports the full “alien” version. With two extra arms, a bunch of extra antennae, and new pupils for the eyes. Lego Stitch stands at seven inches tall, and has thirteen different points of articulation. This new build is up on Lego Ideas (the previous model achieved over 10,000 votes!) so go vote for it if you want to see an official release!

Lego Stitch, Now With More Arms! Updated Lego MOC. Back.

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Lego Stitch, Now With More Arms! Updated. Nice.

The Wild Leopard Cat Lego Creation

The Wild Leopard Cat Lego Creation

The Leopard Cat is native to China and most of Asia. These cute little cats are wild, and are about the same size as a domesticated house cat. A lot of the cats have relocated to parks as their wild habitats are being encroached on. This Lego MOC of a Leopard Cat is created by DOGOD Brick Design. It features a fully posable tail. But, its most captivating feature is the fur. The brown, white, and black pattern is recreated here in detail. This type of random design is hard to make it look natural. It is very easy to mess up and create unintended patterns. You can see here that the problem has been avoided. A few fun details include the red nose, eyes, and the rounded haunches. There is even one really hidden detail. If you remove some of the bricks on the back, you will find text built out of Lego that says “石虎”, which means Leopard Cat.

The Wild Leopard Cat Lego MOC

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A Wild Lego Detective Pikachu Has Appeared

A Wild Lego Detective Pikachu Has Appeared

The recent Pokémon film Detective Pikachu was way better than it should have been. A happy surprise, which seems to have started a whole new trend in video game movies. This life-sized Lego MOC of Detective Pikachu is created by alanboar. The build is actually an update to their previous Lego Pikachu. It has been modified by adding a tan detectives hat, and a magnifying glass. This build uses more than 3,000 Lego pieces, and is not completely solid. By making parts of it hollow it saves on the piece count. Having a hollow head might explain why he has amnesia. In the end, can Pikachu find his missing partner?

A Wild Lego Detective Pikachu Has Appeared, His Butt

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Wicket The Ewok Just Wants A Hug

Wicket The Ewok Just Wants A Hug, Lego Star Wars

This is Wicket the Ewok as created by Bruce Lowell. A cute little teddy bear alien from Endor. He stars in such Star Wars movies as Return of the Jedi, the Rise of Skywalker, the Ewok Adventure, Ewoks: The Battle for Endor, and in Ewoks the animated show. Even though they helped destroy the Death Star with spears and traps, they are not very popular in certain crowds. But this Lego MOC will convince you that Wicket just wants a hug. This brick built Ewok is built using SNOT techniques in a very cartoon style. He features a spear, and his red poncho. He looks ready for a giant Ewok Celebration with their new golden god: C3PO.

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This Brick Built Lego Dog Is A Good Boy

This Brick Built Lego Dog Is A Good Boy Version 2

This brick built Lego dog is the creation of uran120. This good boy (レゴ 犬) was originally made all the way back in 2018 for Lunar New Year. The build also comes with a red and black display stand, and some lucky bamboo. The dog has been built with movement and articulation in mind. It features joints in the legs, paws, tail, neck, ears, and mouth. If you can think of a good pose, chances are that this Lego dog can do it. He knows all the tricks: sit, stand, hand stand, lay down, and wave. The tail is an especially interesting build, using a bunch of white mechanical arm pieces and t-bars to create. This gives it a full range of motion. This little Lego dog should get all the pets.

This Brick Built Lego Dog Is A Good Boy

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