This Urban Panda Knows Some Tricks

This Urban Panda Knows Some Tricks, Lego MOC

This Panda has learned to adapt to his new urban lifestyle. Since moving to the big city he has picked up a new red bow tie. But, that is the least of this new tricks. Panda has learned how to order delivery from his new smartphone. It has never been easier to order bamboo to go. This Urban Panda Lego MOC is created by DOGOD Brick Design. The build has been entered into the recent Lego Ideas “Your build in the world-famous Lego house!” contest. This is a very well designed creation. Most importantly the bear has a great shape. Nothing looks too flat, or too fragile here. He just looks cute. Another great part of this design is how well the arms and legs are integrated into the body. Panda is hiding a huge secret. There is a hidden panel on his tummy that can be removed to reveal a message. Inside of this Lego Panda is small vignette showing Panda Bears living in a bamboo forest. The message is that even though life is nice in the big city, this bear will always miss his life in the forest.

This Urban Panda Knows Some Tricks, Lego MOC Secret

You can find more photos, details, and more information about this Urban Panda Lego MOC over here:

Build Your Own Lego Panda Bear Buddy

Build Your Own Lego Panda Bear Buddy

Panda Bears eat bamboo almost exclusively. Although delicious, bamboo is not so healthy for these cute bears. Their bodies are not fully adapted to their vegetarian diet. It causes gas, and is very low in energy. They mostly sleep all day, and try to avoid walking too much. Maybe they need to switch it up. A little variety might help. This Lego “Panda Bear Buddy” has just that dilemma. Maybe it should try a carrot, maybe not? This Lego MOC is the creation of JK Brickworks, who “…decided to build a panda bear, because who doesn’t want a panda bear for company? They are super cute and seem so cuddly. I call her my Isolation Buddy (or Iso-Buddy for short).” They also put together very official instructions to build your own. So make sure to check those out.

Build Your Own Lego Panda Bear Buddy Instructions

You can find more information, and download/view building instructions for this Lego Panda Bear Buddy here:

The Balaenoptera Levosia, A Lego Flying Whale

The Balaenoptera Levosia, A Lego Flying Whale

There is something about a flying whale. The idea comes up again and again. In books, music, art, film and tv. The contrasting ideas of these massive mammals floating as light as a bird through the sky creates a very mysterious awe-inspiring image. This Lego MOC is titled “Balaenoptera Levosia” and is the creation of Tim Schwalfenberg. It features a huge Lego whale flying through the Eastern Cloud Sea. With a Pandarian Merchant Guild member piloting the majestic animal. Some of the great details shown here include the double barrel barrels, the boat sails being used as rolls of paper/cloth, and the elaborate saddle/seat system.

Check out the Lego Flying Whale “Balaenoptera Levosia” over here:

Tigers, Elephants, And Bears! The Lego Animal Stackers.

Adam Dodge Lego Animal Stackers

Here is a super fun project. These are the Animal Stackers, created by Adam Dodge. They are based on 3×3 cubes and feature a single stud on top. Allowing them to easily stack on one another. A sort of Lego Totem. This series has 2 sets of six. The North American set contains an Owl, Raccoon, Moose, Polar Bear, Beaver, and a Narwhal. The African set contains a Monkey, Tiger, Elephant, Panda, Rhino, and a Crocodile. There are also a few Stackers on their own, such as the Eagle and Penguin.

Adam Dodge Lego Animals

Check out the Lego Animal Stackers by Adam Dodge here:

“Do Not Feed” — Mosaic Window Display

Hilary Leung and Steadibrick's “Do Not Feed” Mosaic Window Display

Hilary Leung and Steadibrick created this wonderful 3D mosaic window display titled “Do Not Feed.” This display is currently up in the Sherway Gardens Lego store in Toronto. It is not everyday that you see people combining a typical Lego mosaic with 3D objects, which is a shame because it can look great. As usual the pixelated 8-bit style design is a great fit with the blocky Lego. Everything is just so cute.

Make sure to check out this project over at Threadless, where you can vote to see it on a T-shirt!

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