Cute Mini Vignettes For Lego Minifigures Series 19

Cute Mini Vignettes For Lego Minifigures Series 19

The Lego Minifigures Series are fun to collect. They always look great too, especially when displayed in a group. One of the best ways to show off your collection is to build little mini MOCs or vignettes. These Lego Minifigures Series 19 vignettes are super cute. Created by zaru_soba, they show off all the different figures and create a mini story. The personality of each minifig matches up perfectly with their scene. The video gamer battlestation, the bathtub wave surfer, the dog sitter, and the retro gardener are some favorites. What is great is that these type of MOCs take relatively few pieces to build.

Mini MOCs For Lego Minifigures Series 19

For some more details and such, check these Series 19 vignettes out over here:

Cute Vignettes For Lego Series 19 Minifigures

Lego Epic Beard Dude Wallpaper

LegoGenre: Epic Beard Dude

Dude, another new wallpaper. This one starring the first appearance of Epic Beard Dude.

Once again, wallpapers are the best of the best, and are available in *NEW* widescreen. Then to make it even better, there are no watermarks!

Go go go:

Star Wars – Tour De Force

Oky’s Star Wars Tour De Force

R2D2’s secret passion is to ride in the Tour De Force. Where once a year the universes most elite bicyclists compete in a 23 day tour of Endor. Watch out R2D2, I hear that Anakin doesn’t play fair.

Oky from Flickr and Eurobricks created this awesome Star Wars Tour De Force concept.