A Bicycle Automaton — Lego Build

A Bicycle Automaton — Lego Build

A bicycle can offer a feeling of freedom unmatched by almost any other vehicle. If I could ride a bike all day I would. This Lego Bicycle Automaton, created by parsom, offers just that fantasy. The first thing you notice is that the automaton feature is on full display. The design mimics the design of a bike, with a chain and two wheels. By turning the small crank the Minifigure will start riding, with wheels turning and the background changing. Every season is represented, it doesn’t matter if it is sun or snow, nothing will stop a good bike ride. This Lego MOC is up on Lego Ideas, so make sure to vote for it if you want to see something like this released by Lego. There is also a video to check out (below), which shows how everything works.

A Bicycle Automaton — Lego Build, Number 2

You can find Bicycle, Bicycle, BICYCLE on Lego Ideas over here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/a356b5ed-b841-4b10-905b-7f608a786ce1

This Bicycle Automaton can also be found on YouTube below, or over here: https://youtu.be/3TRukEurKaE

Which Side Will Prevail In This Lego Battle Of The Seasons?

Which Side Will Prevail In This Lego Battle Of The Seasons? Intro.

Four powerful mages have been fighting it out, and it has come down to one final battle. Each mage is fighting to protect and expand their own season. This is a Battle of the Seasons, a Lego MOC created by Blue Builder. The whole scene took over four months to build, but took over two years to plan. With 73 Minifigures this battle will change the world. The idea for this build was inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic video game series. Real time strategy games that are well known on the PC. The spring warriors feature humans, fauns, fairies, and even a dragon. The summer time is mostly humans with pegasus and other winged creatures. Fall warriors include snakes, wolves, minotaurs, and orcs. And, the deadly winter army is mostly undead, skeletons, vampires, and ghosts. The whole scene is centered around a magic scroll, setting the scene with some text: “In a battle of might and magic who will prevail…”

Which Side Will Prevail In This Lego Battle Of The Seasons? Whole Build.

A neat feature in this Lego MOC is the lighting effects. Hidden behind the scroll, in the center, are multi-colored LEDs. They shine up through the transparent bricks, representing magic rivers. All combining in the center where the winners crown is perched.

Which Side Will Prevail In This Lego Battle Of The Seasons? Detail.

For more story, information, and photos go check out this Battle Of The Seasons Lego model over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bluebuilder/49845918483/

Flying Through The Sky With Two Lego Birds

Flying Through The Sky With Two Lego Birds

These two Lego birds are flying through the sky so fancy-free. This Lego MOC is the creation of Azurekingfisher. The blue and orange colors are very striking. For this build the birds and wreath use a whole lot of the Lego leaves. While the green ones are common, the blue and orange ones are hard to find. The orange leaves are most commonly found in Disney Frozen themed sets and the recent Lego Ideas Treehouse (21318) set. The blue leaves are even more rare, only found in two sets, both of which are in the recent Hidden Side theme. The birds are held up kind of like a mobile. The supports are made up of Lego pieces, with Lego whips doing most of the work.

Lego Bird With A Wreath

You can find out more about these two Lego Birds over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127828422@N05/49839816483/

The First Robin Of Spring

The First Robin Of Spring

Spring is here which means plants and animals come out of hinding. This is an American Robin, a migratory bird that goes north in the spring to eat, and flies down south during the winter. This Lego Robin is the creation of Henjin_Quilones. The whole scene is a challenge to build something that only has four studs touching the ground. Lego is impressively strong, but the whole system works best with baseplates. This Lego MOC goes one stud further, and only has three studs holding everything up. The branch is designed as the main support. The early blooms are a nice detail, and if you look closely is there are even Minifigure legs hidden in the bark. The nest is a great combination of various brown Lego pieces. You can find blades, vines, horns, whips, and oars all tangled up. The star of the show is the Robin. The coloring is spot on to the real life inspiration. The beautiful wingspan has been replicated well too. Check out the curve achieved with the feathers, created with angles and half stud connections. The Robin is being held up by one branch all the way in the back, a great way to create the illusion of flying.

Check out this Lego MOC called “The First Robin of Spring” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/henjin_quilones/49794659401/

Chicks And Bunnies, The Lego Peeps

Chicks And Bunnies, The Lego Peeps

Peeps have been around for over 65 years. The marshmallow and sugar candies are pretty much only available in the spring. There are two different classic peeps, chicks and bunnies. And, a serving size is 5 at a time, which seems very plentiful. These Lego Peeps are the creation of allysongaillego. Who has been building a lot of Easter and Holiday themed creations. They are in the classic pink and yellow colors. With the black brick outline it really helps to give these definition. I wonder if you leave them in the car, if they too will melt into a weird mega Peep?

Check out allysongaillego and the Lego Peeps over here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-2oQMdpZwc/

Meet the Lego Elves, Step Through the Portal This Spring

Lego Elves Logo

Lego has a new theme arriving this spring called the Lego Elves. Some of the first sets have already been revealed, but the Lego marketing is just starting to take off. The official Lego site has a teaser page up, promising more details in March 2015. Meanwhile some short videos have started to appear around the internet. Featuring  some beautifully animated videos, it would not be a surprise if the Lego Elves had their own cartoon (like Ninjago or Legends of Chima). Interestingly, there is very little Lego in these first videos.

Lego Elves Characters

The Lego Elves look like they would fit right in with the Disney Fairies. Seeing as Lego has been creating Disney themed Friends sets, it would be interesting if the Fairies line had a release too. There are four main Elves (Aira, Naida, Azari, and Farran) with this release, and one main human (named Emily Jones).

Make sure to check out the Teaser Trailer, and Meet Azari below:



You can read more about Lego Elves here: http://everydaybricks.com/lego-elves-friendly-new-theme-2015/

Spring Time Fishing with the Lego Friends

Martin5478's Lego Friends Spring Time Fishing

Now that the Autumn is under way, the Lego Friends are dreaming of warmer days. Specifically those peaceful spring time days, relaxing at a secret fishing hole. What better way then to spend time with your friends. This little creation is the work of Martin5478. This is a great example of integrating the new(ish) Lego Friends with your greater Lego collection. All the little details help tell the story. It looks like the girls are going to enjoy a picnic after this.

Martin5478's Lego Friends Spring Time Fishing Detail

Check out “Spring Time” a Lego Friends MOC built by Martin5478 over on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/64533423@N08/14049277536/

There is also a lot more Lego Friends stuff here: http://everydaybricks.com/tag/friends/page/2/