Chicks And Bunnies, The Lego Peeps

Chicks And Bunnies, The Lego Peeps

Peeps have been around for over 65 years. The marshmallow and sugar candies are pretty much only available in the spring. There are two different classic peeps, chicks and bunnies. And, a serving size is 5 at a time, which seems very plentiful. These Lego Peeps are the creation of allysongaillego. Who has been building a lot of Easter and Holiday themed creations. They are in the classic pink and yellow colors. With the black brick outline it really helps to give these definition. I wonder if you leave them in the car, if they too will melt into a weird mega Peep?

Check out allysongaillego and the Lego Peeps over here:

A Vibrant Lego Gingerbread House

Parks and Wrecked Creations, Lego Gingerbread House, Modular Building

Are you looking to decorate your Lego Modular Building collection for the holidays? Do you need a place for Mr. and Mrs. Claus to live? Then this Lego Gingerbread House will interest you. Created by Parks and Wrecked Creations, this Lego Modular Gingerbread House is a work of art. It is one of the most colorful Modular Buildings out there. The roof alone is tiled with 2×2 round pieces in six colors. With domes being used for accents. The use of the printed spiral pieces, the multicolor giant flowers, and the newish star pieces are excellent details. Seen from a distance it would be easy to mistake this for a real Gingerbread House covered in frosting and candy. Just make sure you don’t take a bite out of this one.

Parks and Wrecked Creations, Lego Gingerbread House, Modular Building Street

The Lego Gingerbread House, built by Parks and Wrecked Creations, can be found over on Flickr: