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Everyday Bricks features news and photos (plus videos, information, and more!) from the world of Lego. Everyday Bricks was previously known as LegoGenre, and has been around since 2012.


James (Readblood) AvatarLego is crazy fun even for adults. I started working on LegoGenre as a hobby in 2012. At first creating one Lego image per day, then to curb burnout the images were cut down to three per week. Lego has since become a bit more then a hobby, culminating in this website.

In 2019 LegoGenre went through some big changes and is now known as Everyday Bricks. It will be interesting to see where this goes.


Bricklies: Auntie PestoAuntie Pesto is the artist and writer for the Lego webcomic Bricklies. Which can be found over here: http://everydaybricks.com/introducing-bricklies-lego-webcomic. Outside of Bricklies, Auntie Pesto has previously completed a 365 day doodle challenge, and is now focusing on writing. Check out the newest over here: http://www.auntiepesto.com

You can find her on Twitter too: https://twitter.com/auntiepesto

What Else?

Come check out some of my other work.

Glyfyx, Inc.

PSY/OPS Digital Type Foundry

Bitblox Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Bitblox Typeface @ Glyfyx, Inc. & MyFonts


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