Underwater Sightseeing With Lego

Underwater Sightseeing With Lego

There is a whole world living underwater, and there has never been a better time to go sightseeing. Just catch a ride in a personal submarine and enjoy the depths of the ocean. This underwater sightseeing Lego MOC is created by Cecilie Fritzvold. It has been built as an entry for an Iron Builder challenge, specifically to use the Lego Dynamite in new ways. You can find a bunch of those explosives forming a coral reef, there is also a dynamite used for scuba air tanks, and you can find one in the engine of the submarine. Underwater scenes are a great way to show off just how colorful Lego is. This scene in particular is a great example. Check out all the different colors and weird Lego pieces in the corals. You can see some pink Minifigure hair, green artist palettes, green lightsabers, and a bunch of purple tubes.

You can find more about this underwater sightseeing Lego MOC over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/50069637666/

These Wizards By The Coast Are On Holiday – Lego MOC

Wizards By The Coast - Lego MOC

The Wizards by the Coast is a Lego MOC built by Josh. A few wizards are enjoying their time off from saving/destroying the world. The build has a bunch of interesting and odd details. The first is the giant terraced garden with water magically flowing down each level until it meets up with the sea. A fun part of the scene is how the water changes from transparent clear, to transparent blue when it hits the ground. There is a giant butterfly feeding on some flowers atop a spiraling spire. And a very tiny Wizards tower is topped by a glowing crystal. A magical spell must fit a glorious interior inside the small tower. A few details that are neat include the Lego Minifigure ice cream being used for waves, the bee hive above the rocky cliff, and the Wizard using magic to grill up some fresh fish.

You can check out the Wizards by the Coast Lego MOC over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/52616397@N04/50015904556/

The Penguin Monarchy Has Some Cool Gear

The Penguin Monarchy Has Some Cool Gear, Lego MOC

The Royal Penguin Monarchy is part of a greater fictional universe that is a part of Decisive Action 4: Hammer to Fall. If they are going to take over the world they will need the right tools. This collection of Lego Field Gear is created by General Frost. The three tools include a Penguin Ice Pistol, a Penguin Communicator, and a pack of Fish Rations. There are a bunch of fun little details. Such as the pistol having a penguin built into the barrel. The communicator uses a set of glasses from the Lego Brickheadz theme, and a grill piece from a Lego vehicle can be found around the buttons. Also, the brick built fish tails sticking out of the satchel is a great detail. The Penguin Monarchy has a whole world to conquer and hopefully their specialized gear will be enough to get them there.

You can find more details about the Field Gear Lego MOC, and read more fiction about the Penguin Monarchy over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/188495981@N05/49952771138/

A Relaxing Weekend At The Fishing Cabin

A Relaxing Weekend At The Fishing Cabin, Lego MOC

When it gets hot outside there is something about spending all day fishing that just seems relaxing. All your worries from work are left behind as you fall asleep on the warm pier. Catching a fish would be nice, but it doesn’t really matter. You already have everything you need for a sleepy weekend. This scene is perfectly captured with this Lego MOC called “Fishing Cabin,” which is created by Nathan Hake. The simple cabin is actually hiding a lot of little details. Everything that you need to live is nearby. Lego Pumpkins and Vegetables in the nearby garden, a friendly dog to keep you company, a woodpile to supply your fireplace, fresh water, a canoe, and even a scarecrow to talk to when you get lonely. In this build the water looks especially nice. A layer of transparent blue 1×2 tiles on top of other colors creates a body of water with depth. There are even a few 1×2 transparent bricks mixed in giving the impression of moving water. The Lego tree looks appropriately old and gnarled. And the little cabin features a very nice color palette and interesting wooden roof. You can even find a little Lego radio out on the pier.

A Relaxing Weekend At The Fishing Cabin, Lego MOC, The Pier

Go check out more photos and see all the little details of this Lego “Fishing Cabin” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/188441106@N02/49900690436/

A Relaxing Weekend At The Fishing Cabin, Lego MOC, The Woodcutter

The Modular Bait Shop And Grocery – An Alternate Old Fishing Store

The Modular Bait Shop And Grocery - An Alternate Lego Old Fishing Store

This is the Modular Bait Shop And Grocery Lego MOC created by Versteinert. This whole building is an alternate build for the Old Fishing Store (21310). It uses 1,995 pieces of the original 2033. These type of builds are always really interesting. Being constrained by the parts of another set forces you to get creative. The end building looks like it could be an official Lego set. The Bait Shop and Grocery store are fully detailed inside. The Grocery specializes in seafood, and the Bait Shop is fully stocked for any outdoor outing. The second floor is an apartment with bed, sofa, and even a telescope. Perfect for looking into rear windows. The stairs up from the apartment lead to a neglected attic hiding some forgotten TNT. This is a great modular building, the green planks work well, and the food sign is full of a lot of character.

The Modular Lego Bait Shop And Grocery Rear - An Alternate Old Fishing Store

It you happen to have the Old Fishing Store, and want to transform it into the Bait Shop and Grocery Modular Building the designer has created a set of instructions. They look just like the official manuals, and even cover such topics as what to do with stickers.

The Modular Bait Shop And Grocery Interior

You can find information and instructions for this Alternate Old Fishing Store over here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-40048/Versteinert/21310-modular-bait-shop-and-grocery/

A Deep Dive With A Lego Abyssal Fish

A Deep Dive With An Abyssal Fish - Lego MOC

There are some weird fish living in the deepest darkest trenches in our oceans. The Abyssal Fish is well known for its bioluminescent lure and its oversized jaws. The ocean is so dark, that any light can attract all sorts of fish and creatures. Almost like a fishing pole with a light bulb for a lure. Prey cannot avoid their curiosity and swim right into its mouth. This Lego Abyssal Fish, created by Luis Peña, is an excellent recreation of the deep sea creature. Using neon transparent green bricks works well as the bioluminescent features. The overcrowded and oversized teeth are well done. But the best detail are the Lego sausages being used for gills. I certainly wouldn’t want to catch one of these creatures when fishing.

Check out the Lego Abyssal Fish over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127520452@N04/49772204058/

A Lego Bottlenose Dolphin

A Lego Bottlenose Dolphin

Here is a Lego Bottlenose Dolphin created by Ken Ito. This Lego dolphin has really captured the overall shape and spirit of those wonderful mammals. The two tone color scheme works well and the divide is surprisingly clean. The end result looks as playful and mischievous as the real thing. The dolphin is perfectly displayed with a beautiful stand. The reductive water and waves works well, and most importantly it matches the style of the main attraction. It does not steal the focus. A well placed transparent brick helps sell the illusion that this dolphin is playfully jumping over a wave.

Lego Bottlenose Dolphin 2.0

Check out the Lego “Bottlenose Dolphin 2.0” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/w9gfo/49685391987/

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish. A Lego MOC.

So long, and thanks for all the fish. A Lego MOC.

“So long, and thanks for all the fish.” Those famous last words as all of the Dolphins abandoned Earth. A moment made famous by the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This Lego MOC depiction is the creation of lego.my.yougo. Showing how much you can do with a few pieces, 40ish it looks like.

You can also find “So Long, and thanks for all the fish” over here: https://www.reddit.com/r/lego/comments/bgfjn1/so_long_and_thanks_for_all_the_fish/

Underwater At The Coral Island Sandbar

W Navarre Lego Coral Island Sandbar

If it wasn’t for the Pirate business, this Lego Coral Island Sandbar looks like a great place to vacation and scuba dive. Too bad, these Pirates are in the middle of some sort of hostage exchange. I would bet this doesn’t end well. Of course the stand out feature of this Lego MOC are not the Pirates but the island. The underwater part is especially nice. By using the newer pastel colors and putting a transparent blue ceiling the effect of water/underwater is achieved. The use of azure Lego Minifigure hands as some of the coral is perfect. This scene is teeming with Lego sea life.

W Navarre Lego Coral Sandbar Underwater

This Lego On Coral Sandbar creation is built by W. Navarre. https://www.flickr.com/photos/josdu/32062109540/

The Coral Island is also a part of The Tourney, a fantasy role-playing Lego building tournament.

The Tourney: Civil War