The Penguin Monarchy Has Some Cool Gear

The Penguin Monarchy Has Some Cool Gear, Lego MOC

The Royal Penguin Monarchy is part of a greater fictional universe that is a part of Decisive Action 4: Hammer to Fall. If they are going to take over the world they will need the right tools. This collection of Lego Field Gear is created by General Frost. The three tools include a Penguin Ice Pistol, a Penguin Communicator, and a pack of Fish Rations. There are a bunch of fun little details. Such as the pistol having a penguin built into the barrel. The communicator uses a set of glasses from the Lego Brickheadz theme, and a grill piece from a Lego vehicle can be found around the buttons. Also, the brick built fish tails sticking out of the satchel is a great detail. The Penguin Monarchy has a whole world to conquer and hopefully their specialized gear will be enough to get them there.

You can find more details about the Field Gear Lego MOC, and read more fiction about the Penguin Monarchy over here:

A Lego Star Wars Greedo Bust

A Greedo Lego Star Wars Bust

This Lego Star Wars Bust of Greedo is created by Grayson. Built as an entry into the BioCup2020, a two part challenge. The first goal is the use mostly non-system pieces, so a lot of Bionicle and Technic. The other goal is to design something to do with the future. Greedo is a great subject for a challenge like this. His alien design lets you get creative with pieces. You can find one big Bionicle piece used for the head, and another two used for the shoulders. The antannae / feelers have been created with Technic pieces. The use of the Lego hoses is a great way to create clothing. This Lego bust has a very simple but great looking base / stand. He even comes with a separate sculpture of his blaster.

You can find more detail about this Lego Star Wars Bust of Greedo over here:

Boom Goes The Lego Tiny Tank

Boom Goes The Lego Tiny Tank

This Lego Tiny Tank is rolling its way to victory. The little tank is built by Tyler. Another Iron Builders build, these have all been trying to use Minifigure Legs / Pants in new and unique ways. You might be able to spy a lot of legs in the tank treads (or is it called a continuous track?). This cartoon’ed version of a tank features a giant top mounted machine gun, and a huge main gun. Presumably firing something a little less deadly. Besides the armaments, a few details to check out include the Nexo Knight shield used as an insignia, and the little diesel fuel exhaust pipe in the back.

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A Lego Nerf N-Strike Maverick

Nathan Proudlove's Lego Nerf Maverick

One of the most popular Nerf guns ever relasesed is the Nerf N-Strike Maverick. It dominates work spaces, parks, and back yards all around the world. So it should be no surprise to see a Lego version of the gun. What is a surprise though, is just how accurate this thing is. This Lego Nerf Maverick is the creation of Nathan Proudlove. Who, used the silver version as inspiration (here). The iconic gun cylinder is an ingenious build, and the trigger is just tempting to be pulled. Too bad it doesn’t look like it shoots the Lego darts.

Nerf Maverick

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“Guns! Fresh guns for sale!” — Borderlands Lego MOCs

Adan Ramirez's Borderlands Lego Vending Machines

Borderlands Lego is certainly one of those themes that would never be produced. Making it a perfect theme for your own MOCs. The first Borderlands has something like a bajillion guns in it (some say 17.75 million), which is slightly more then the amount of Lego firearms most people have. Adan Ramirez put two and two together and created a set of awesome Borderlands Lego MOCs. The video game is full of working and non-working vending machines. These have been faithfully recreated here with the help of some stickers. The Ammo Dump, Gun$, and Dr. Zed’s Meds are perfectly scaled for Minifigures. They also fit in well with a fuller diorama. Featuring Zer0, a few dead psychos, and a whole lot of propaganda.

“Someone is busy. 
Now we play the waiting game; 
Everyone loses.”

Adan Ramirez's Borderlands Lego MOC

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Han Solo’s Blaster – A Lego Star Wars Mini MOC

Obedient Machine's Han Solo's Blaster, A Lego Star Wars Mini MOC

Being an infamous scoundrel means that Han Solo has be able to fight (or talk) his way out of any situation. That’s why it is an absolute must to carry a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. Easy to hide, but still deadly in a firefight. This version of Han Solo’s Blaster is a great mini build. The whole gun is built using just 15, or so, Lego pieces. Including a brown carrot, which might just be the most ingenious use for it yet.

Han Solo’s Blaster is the creation of Obedient Machine. See more over at Flickr: