“Guns! Fresh guns for sale!” — Borderlands Lego MOCs

Adan Ramirez's Borderlands Lego Vending Machines

Borderlands Lego is certainly one of those themes that would never be produced. Making it a perfect theme for your own MOCs. The first Borderlands has something like a bajillion guns in it (some say 17.75 million), which is slightly more then the amount of Lego firearms most people have. Adan Ramirez put two and two together and created a set of awesome Borderlands Lego MOCs. The video game is full of working and non-working vending machines. These have been faithfully recreated here with the help of some stickers. The Ammo Dump, Gun$, and Dr. Zed’s Meds are perfectly scaled for Minifigures. They also fit in well with a fuller diorama. Featuring Zer0, a few dead psychos, and a whole lot of propaganda.

“Someone is busy. 
Now we play the waiting game; 
Everyone loses.”

Adan Ramirez's Borderlands Lego MOC

Make sure to check out Adan Ramirez’s Borderlands Lego MOCs over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/legomadness11/16846002260/

Shoot ‘n Loot with this Lego Claptrap from Borderlands

Jerac's Lego Borderlands Claptrap

Are you waiting for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to download? Excited to butt stomp the moon, and bound through low gravity? Ready to hear Handsome Jack’s side of the story? Then you should be just as excited about these Lego Claptrap units created by Jerac. These three robots showcase some extremely impressive Lego skills. Check out how those arms are created, with a combination of levers and technic pins. And, admire the subtle sloping geometry. It is a wonder that it is all held together. One thing is certain, these Claptraps are dangerously fragile (physically and mentally).

Jerac's Lego Borderlands Prototype

Check out these Lego Borderlands Claptrap units over on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jerac/6231570509/

Custom Lego Minifigures from BrickUltra: Wave 2

BrickUltra has just released information about their Wave 2 release of their Custom Lego Minifigures. These new Minifigs are digitally printed, meaning that the quality and detail is amazing. These feature printing that completely covers the Minifig head, arms, and legs. The first four Minifigures all appear to be based on popular video games. I recognize Titanfall, and Borderlands 2, but for some odd reason I can’t place the other two. They are being sold for $30, and ship will be shipping in March.

BrickUltra's Custom Lego Minifigure: MechPilot

“Prepare to drop! Each Mech Pilot’s body armor is equipped with a jet pack which allows them to hop across the battlefield! Despite these abilities, the Mech Pilot can still be squashed like ants if they are not careful around an enemy Mech.”

BrickUltra's Custom Lego Minifigure: Psycho

“Psychos are bandits who have gone insane with a freakish obsession for loot. Shirtless, wearing a white mask and dressed in orange pants, these outlaws can be immediately identified by their homicidal cries, psychotic laughter and constant desire to get into close combat.”

BrickUltra's Custom Lego Minifigure: Ultra

“Ultra was constructed by a famed scientist/adventurer, who experimenting in high-intelligence robotics. Ultra became sentient and rebelled, hypnotizing the scientist and brainwashing him into forgetting that Ultra had ever existed. He immediately began improving upon his rudimentary design, quickly upgrading himself.”

BrickUltra's Custom Lego Minifigure: Carmine

“In the Carmine family, military service was simply an expectation; they didn’t do it for a sense of duty or honor or patriotism. Instead, they “simply loved to shoot guns, blow stuff up, and never turn down a knock-down, drag-out fight.”

For a review of the Mech Pilot check out this video by BrickQueen:


Check out the BrickUltra store for more information on these custom Minifigs: http://brickultra.com/store/