Shoot ‘n Loot with this Lego Claptrap from Borderlands

Jerac's Lego Borderlands Claptrap

Are you waiting for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to download? Excited to butt stomp the moon, and bound through low gravity? Ready to hear Handsome Jack’s side of the story? Then you should be just as excited about these Lego Claptrap units created by Jerac. These three robots showcase some extremely impressive Lego skills. Check out how those arms are created, with a combination of levers and technic pins. And, admire the subtle sloping geometry. It is a wonder that it is all held together. One thing is certain, these Claptraps are dangerously fragile (physically and mentally).

Jerac's Lego Borderlands Prototype

Check out these Lego Borderlands Claptrap units over on Flickr:

Become Legend with Custom Destiny Lego Minifigures

Living Legend's Lego Destiny Minifigures

“Guardians are fighting on Earth and beyond. Join them.”

Check out these cool custom Lego Minifigures based on the sci-fi MMO Destiny. Living Legend spent months perfecting these Guardians. They feature unique vinyl stickers, and custom paint work. These Minifigs are ready to destroy their alien enemies, or spend hours shooting wildly into a cave.

More details about these Lego Destiny figures, by Living Legend, are over at Flickr: