An Alien Invasion At The Capital

An Alien Invasion At The Capital

Aliens always seem to want to meet the leader. What happens when they do? In countless movies/films it means doom. This Lego MOC of a United States Capital Building Alien Invasion is created by Lame Boy. It is a great example of taking an existing Lego set (in this case the United States Capitol Building 21030) and upgrading it into something that is your own. A few well placed giant Lego flames create the expected destruction. And, the invading alien ships are the retro saucer kind. Held up with some flexible tubing. A couple smoke clouds finish the mod, and a bit of image editing skills help to hide their supports. The end result would fit right in with any B movie special effects production.

You can find more of this Alien Invasion Lego MOC over here:

This Lego Xenomorph Is On The Prowl

This Lego Xenomorph Is On The Prowl

The Alien Xenomorph is an iconic figure in science fiction. Instantly recognizable, and yet it can blend in and hide almost anywhere on a spaceship. Their standard variants of Egg, Chestburster, Facehugger, and Queen are all terrifying. There is also an interesting feature to them. The Xenomorph can be born with some of the aspects of their hosts. The Dragon Alien (dog), Newborn (human clone), Predalien (Predator), Deacon (Engineer), and the Neomorph (spores). This Lego MOC is the creation of _Zenn, and is called the Prowl Xenomorph. It was created for the Space Jame 2018 as an Extraterrestrial Entry. It captures all the details expected of a Lego Xenomorph. Check out the black Lego hands used for the tail, and the Lego arms hidden inside the chest.

Lego Alien Prowl Xenomorph

Check out the Lego Prowl Alien, by _Zenn over here:

This M577 APC Is Ready To Blast Aliens

This M577 APC Is Ready To Blast Aliens

The M577 APC, or Armored Personnel Carrier is the perfect vehicle to take to battle against Aliens. This Lego MOC has all the features including Turret, RE700 Rotary Canon, and DSGR Smart Missiles. There is even room for a small Minifigure crew. Nothing can stop this APC, it is explosion and bullet proof, and can roll over all sorts of terrain. Just make sure not to spill acid around it. This vehicle is the creation of Rick Brickham, and is made up of about 750 pieces.

Lego M577 APC from Aliens detail

Check out this Lego Aliens M577 APC over here:

A Lego Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader, (Alien Not Included)

Andreas Lenander Lego Alien Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader

This is the Lego version of the Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader, also known as a Power Loader. It looks like Ripley is ready to fight, rather than power load space stuff. This little build is the creation of Andreas Lenander. Who creatively used the Lego fence piece for the cage. Also check out the joysticks and the tiny feet. Just be advised that an Alien is not included.

Andreas Lenander Lego Alien Ripley Power Loader Zoom

You can find more about Ellen Ripley’s Power Loader over here:

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The FriendsLoader, A Lego Friends Power Loader

Simon Liu's Lego Friends Power Loader

The Lego Friends are a lot tougher then they appear. Stephanie here looks like she is ready to load up some heavy cargo, or to kick some alien butt. There have been some great Minifigure scale Power Loaders, but this is one of the best Friends scale ones. It has even been dressed up with some pink; perfect for fitting in with all the other sets. This exoskeleton has some great details, especially the use of the Lego 1×1 round bricks. This Lego Friends Power Loader uses some common pieces, so it should be easy to build at home.

This Lego “Friends Space Loader” is the creation of Simon Liu:

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The Cutest Lego Mini Power Loader, From Aliens

Grantmasters's Lego Aliens Mini Power Loader

The Power Loader from Aliens is one of those perfect designs for Lego. All sorts of attempts have been made, in all sorts of sizes. The newest, and maybe cutest is the Mini Power Loader, created by Grantmasters. The goal was to create a Power Loader that get close to the Minifigure scale. This is a great example of non-standard Lego techniques being used to create something awesome. Check out Ripley’s legs, they have been pulled off the standard Lego legs. This lets Ripley and the Power Loader pose in many more dynamic positions. Which will come in handy when fighting Alien Queens.

Grantmasters's Lego Aliens Mini Power Loader Side

Check out this Lego Mini Power Loader over on Flickr:


Become Legend with Custom Destiny Lego Minifigures

Living Legend's Lego Destiny Minifigures

“Guardians are fighting on Earth and beyond. Join them.”

Check out these cool custom Lego Minifigures based on the sci-fi MMO Destiny. Living Legend spent months perfecting these Guardians. They feature unique vinyl stickers, and custom paint work. These Minifigs are ready to destroy their alien enemies, or spend hours shooting wildly into a cave.

More details about these Lego Destiny figures, by Living Legend, are over at Flickr:

Bobsuit: A Tiny Lego Mech Suit

Bowbrick's Bobsuit, A Tiny Lego Mech Suit

Just look at this guy (Bob?). Look how happy he is. He should be too. With that super expensive mech suit he has on. The Bobsuit is a perfect example of a tiny mech suit in the minifigure scale. All the Lego clips, bricks, and bits come together in a very detailed suit. Working at this scale is not easy, and some of the connections on this Bobsuit look extremely delicate. Still, Bob looks happy and that is what matters.

The Bobsuit was created by Bowbrick, and can be found on Flickr:

H.U.L.K. Exo Suit

TrapleS’s HULK Exo Suit

Ever since Aliens, the dream of a working Exo Suit has taken up many a person. Although still a few years away from that reality, you can build your own mecha in Lego.

That’s what Flickr user TrapleS did with his H.U.L.K. Exo Suit. Every single piece of this MOC is beyond me. The scifi robot genre of Lego builds is incredibly technically advanced. Just look at all those Technic parts, pins, and joints. All of these pieces come together in a very expressive mecha suit.

TrapleS’s HULK Exo Suit Detail