Bobsuit: A Tiny Lego Mech Suit

Bowbrick's Bobsuit, A Tiny Lego Mech Suit

Just look at this guy (Bob?). Look how happy he is. He should be too. With that super expensive mech suit he has on. The Bobsuit is a perfect example of a tiny mech suit in the minifigure scale. All the Lego clips, bricks, and bits come together in a very detailed suit. Working at this scale is not easy, and some of the connections on this Bobsuit look extremely delicate. Still, Bob looks happy and that is what matters.

The Bobsuit was created by Bowbrick, and can be found on Flickr:

5 thoughts on “Bobsuit: A Tiny Lego Mech Suit”

  1. Really cool. Looks like Bob was born with no legs and he bought artificial legs to move around. I would like instructions please. Really cool!!!

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