H.U.L.K. Exo Suit

TrapleS’s HULK Exo Suit

Ever since Aliens, the dream of a working Exo Suit has taken up many a person. Although still a few years away from that reality, you can build your own mecha in Lego.

That’s what Flickr user TrapleS did with his H.U.L.K. Exo Suit. Every single piece of this MOC is beyond me. The scifi robot genre of Lego builds is incredibly technically advanced. Just look at all those Technic parts, pins, and joints. All of these pieces come together in a very expressive mecha suit.


TrapleS’s HULK Exo Suit Detail

4 thoughts on “H.U.L.K. Exo Suit”

  1. HI, this is such a perfectly designed pieceee <3 <3
    Is it possible to get the building instructions for this please ?

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