A Pair Of Robots — A Lego MOC

A Pair Of Robots — A Lego MOC

This cute pair of robots is a Lego MOC created by R 194. The two of them look very similar but they are actually very different. Almost like a deluxe model and a junior model. The heads are based on a 2×3 shape. The difference in their eye design is interesting. Both work well. The bigger model has one major upgraded feature compared to its smaller version. It has ears. The big robot also has improved arms with an elbow joint, and improved legs with knees. Another interesting detail that works well is that the big robot has a slightly different design for both its feet. It helps give is a bit more personality.

You can find more of this pair of robots over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/163699374@N05/49966191396/

A Robot Boy And His Robot Dog

A Robot Boy And His Robot Dog - Lego MOC

Even robots need their pets in this Lego MOC called “A Boy and his Dog” created by Ivan Martynov. Built for the Two of a Kind contest. Both of these robots have a lot of personality. The robot boy is a cute mini build. A few of the interesting pieces include the tiny elbow pieces for feet, the orb piece for a hand. The face is well done, but who knows what Lego pieces are being used. The robot dog is interesting as it has some complicated feet. The variety of transparent orange pieces used for the eyes almost make it seem spider-like. The two of them together offer a great contrast between different styles of robots. Based on their size, I’m sure that the robot dog will be walking the robot boy.

You can find out more about the Robot “A Boy and his Dog” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brick_heretic/49952864921/

The Sandstorm IV — A Lego Mech

The Sandstorm IV — A Lego Mech

This is the Sandstorm IV, a Lego Mech created by Joe. This deadly robot has been optimized for dry climates and deserts. A wide stance, and large feet help it move in the shifting sands. With a yellow and white paint job that helps it to blend into its surroundings. The contrast between the white and dark parts means that it can be hard to see the pilot. They are present and ready for battle. This is a really interesting Lego Mech. The overall design looks very sleek. It features a mechanical look with some excellent greebling. The few extra hoses and vent / grill pieces help make this look more believable. Although its feet help it stand, the spindly joints in the hips and knees means that it needs a little bit of support.

For more information you can find the Sandstorm IV over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/186036005@N06/49932066952/

Just How Do Those Westworld Robots Work?

Just How Do Those Westworld Robots Work? Printing.

Westworld is an interesting show. The robots that exist in the park are incredibly lifelike. So human that even the people behind the scenes have a hard time identifying robot from human. The show goes into great detail on how these mechanical people are created. Robot arms work endlessly to print muscle and tissue, bit by bit. The milky white bodies make for a very artistic image. The problem is that the show also goes to great lengths to not show how these Westworld Robots work. How do their white bodies end up looking like flesh? What is their power source? This Lego MOC is a recreation of the iconic scene in the opening credits. “Westworld Host Printing” is created by Mitch Phillips. The figure in the circle is an especially impressive build. Almost as complicated as printing a real robot. You can see a lot of Lego pieces, such as horns, clips, robot harms, teeth and bones. Maybe it is a tiny Power Functions motor operating these bots?

Just How Do Those Westworld Robots Work? Host.

Make sure to check out more photos and detail of this Lego Westworld Robot build over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gamma-raay/49917232533/

Mike, Gypsy, And Cambot In A Lego Mystery Science Theater

Mike, Gypsy, And Cambot In A Lego Mystery Science Theater 3000

This Lego Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) build is the creation of Chris Doyle. The scene features the host Mike, and the robot Gypsy. The original television show started in 1988, and continues on (in some form) today. A human and a few robots are aboard the spaceship The Satellite of Love, and are forced to take part in an experiment: to see what happens to humans when forced to watch terrible movies. This scene feature Mike, the second human host to take part in the experiment. This Lego build depicts the moment between bad movies, when Mike and the robots are getting into all sorts of wacky situations. Mike is a great caricature and looks very animated. Check out those Lego hands, the solution for thumbs works well. Gypsy the purple robot is instantly recognizable. In another photo, you can see Cambot is also hanging around, and a mirror is used to show off the design. An excellent use of a Lego tire. Will Lego Mike Nelson ever finish the experiment, or will he finally escape?

Mike And Cambot In A Lego Mystery Science Theater

Check more photos from this Lego Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) build over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/reasonablyclever/49705861287/

The Table Scraps, A Lego Robot Family

The Table Scrap Lego Robot Family

The Table Scrap Robot Family is the creation of Milan Sekiz. Who challenged themselves to created something with a bunch of never-before-used parts. A lot of which ended up being Minifigure accessories. This Lego Robot Family is all decked out in steampunk colors. The brown, gold, and silver work together well and help make these Table Scraps feel like a family. Some of the details of note are the gold rings used for joints, samurai swords for feet, the ray guns for shoulders, and even Batman batarangs for decorative head gear. It almost looks like they put themselves together. I like to imagine this little Lego Robot Family wandering the earth gathering new parts as they are thrown out…

The Table Scrap Robot Family

Check out the Table Scrap Robot Family over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/128819970@N06/49622144176/

Yellow Jackrabbit Lego Mech

Yellow Jackrabbit Lego Mech

Lego and giant robots are a perfect match. There are countless official and unofficial creations. Even so, there is an incredible variety and new builds are always a treat. This Lego Mech is called the Yellow Jackrabbit and is the creation of Alvaro Gunawan. It features a striking yellow and orange design; powerful looking legs; and a huge (mini?) gun. The whole robot can even fold up (transform). Although, the best feature is the cockpit in which a lego minifigure pilot can fit inside.

Yellow Jackrabbit Lego Mech Rear

Check out the Yellow Jackrabbit Lego Mech over here: https://flickr.com/photos/pyrefyre/49479377408/

Yellow Jackrabbit Details, Pilot, Lego MOC

Titanfall Lego MOC’s: Ion, Northstar, Ronin and Stryder

Marius Herrmann Lego Titanfall Northstar

The popular video game Titanfall (and its sequel) is one of those perfect universes that can translate into Lego extremely well. The first-person shooter stars some amazing robots that just ooze style. Marius Herrmann has created a small series of Titanfall Lego MOC’s. The creator worked hard to get some of the details as accurate as possible. Focusing on proportions, and color. The collection of mechs include Ion, Northstar, Ronin, and Stryder. Stryder is the only one based off the first game, and is actually and update to an older Lego MOC (the legs got completely redesigned).

Marius Herrmann Lego Titanfall Ion

Marius Herrmann Lego Titanfall Ronin Marius Herrmann Lego Titanfall Stryder

Make sure to check out these Lego Titanfall MOCs over on Flickr, where you can find the original Stryder design and other Robots by Marius Herrmann: https://www.flickr.com/photos/velocites/30060726203/

If you are looking for more robot/mecha themed Lego MOCs make sure to check out here: http://everydaybricks.com/category/robots-2/

MFX [F] – Aztech Deity Reborn. A Golden Lego Mech.

Lu Sim's Lego Mech MFX-F Aztech Deity Reborn

Lego has always been a place to create your own Mechs. Even Lego has been officially releasing Mechs from at least 1984. Although the official bots are usually simple, the MOCs people have been creating are breaking new ground, in detail and awesomeness. Check out this golden masterpiece, the MFX [F] – Aztech Deity Reborn. It is the third version of the Diety created by Lu Sim. This version features a golden body, with black frame. And, if you look close enough, a little bit of red. The other big change is going with a thinner, more “feminine” type mech. This golden god is just awesome.

Lu Sim's Lego Mech MFX-F Aztech Deity Reborn Details

Check out Lu Sim’s Lego Mech, MFX [F] Aztech Deity Reborn, over on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/messymaru/17143354662/

These Bad Binary Bitches Will Reprogram You

Andrew Lee's Lego Bad Binary Bitches

Lego and Robots are a very popular genre of Lego MOCs. This robot duo are known as the Bad Binary Bitches (that is some good alliteration). Check out their use of various clips and hinges. They are also a great place to show off new and cutting edge Lego building techniques.  Especially the use of the Lego Minifigure back connector used in the legs. The use of stickers (custom!) help lend these robot ladies some personality. They may be tough, but they certainly look delicate. They are standing on Lego wrenches after all.

Check out the “Bad Binary Bitches” created by Andrew Lee over on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wintermute2600/15600388753/