The Post Apocalypse In Reno, Nevada

The Post Apocalypse In Reno. The Gate Of Nevada 2075 Lego MOC.

Welcome to Reno, the biggest little city in the world. In the post apocalypse a pair of survivors have found refuge in Nevada. Their current shelter is a ruined airplane that they found in the high desert. This Lego vignette is called “The Gate Of Nevada: 2075” and is created by Mr.MOCsProductions. Built as an entry into the Vignweek 2020 challenge. The specifice theme for this entry is: post apocalyptic. The crashed biplane is a great build. It is emerging from the sandy soil. The plane has a lot of detail especially in the wings. The support structure is a complicated system of bars and clips; the end result looks great. There are also a few rubber bands being used to look like some minor repairs have been done. The two Minifigures look appropriatly end-of-the-worldish. They both come equipped with custom guns. The flags hanging from the telephone pole look great, which is helped by a few custom printed flags. The biggest feature of the vignette is the Reno sign. It has an appropriatly retro look to it, created by using some of the new Lego Dots bricks. Hopefully the nuclear fallout has passed, otherwise the future is going to get a lot harder for these two.

The Post Apocalypse In Reno. The Gate Of Nevada 2075 Lego MOC. Sign Detail.

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Lets Cook! — A Breaking Bad Lego Build

Lets Cook! — A Breaking Bad Lego Build

“Lets Cook” is a Breaking Bad themed Lego MOC created by Mr.MOCsProductions. This scene was built as an entry into RebelLUG’s Vignweek contest. The idea was to build someones lair, and there is no better location in Breaking Bad than the RV. This retro styled RV is a great build. Especially the overall shape. The gentle slope of the front end is perfect. Note all the work done to seamlessly blend the slope into the rest of the square vehicle. The Lego wrench used for the door is another great detail. Two little chairs and a desert themed base finish the scene. The cactuses are well built, mostly made up of 1×2 plates. Finally the tan, and brown bricks simulate the desert outside New Mexico well.

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Lets Cook! — A Breaking Bad Lego Build, Rear

The Sandstorm IV — A Lego Mech

The Sandstorm IV — A Lego Mech

This is the Sandstorm IV, a Lego Mech created by Joe. This deadly robot has been optimized for dry climates and deserts. A wide stance, and large feet help it move in the shifting sands. With a yellow and white paint job that helps it to blend into its surroundings. The contrast between the white and dark parts means that it can be hard to see the pilot. They are present and ready for battle. This is a really interesting Lego Mech. The overall design looks very sleek. It features a mechanical look with some excellent greebling. The few extra hoses and vent / grill pieces help make this look more believable. Although its feet help it stand, the spindly joints in the hips and knees means that it needs a little bit of support.

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The Empire Has Occupied Jedha City – Lego Star Wars MOC

The Empire Over Jedha City - Lego Star Wars MOC

In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the Empire has occupied the holy city of Jedha. Sending a Star Destroyer and a whole legion of Stormtroopers and TIE Fighters. Things did not turn out very well for the city. This Lego MOC depicts just that moment. Titled “The Empire Over Jedha City” and built by onecase. The scene contains over over 5,000 Lego pieces. The land has been expertly built up with a huge stack of plates. The color variety and differing shapes is a great way way to recreate the mesa. The whole scene is topped off with a giant floating Lego Star Destroyer. A few well placed transparent bricks do their best at hiding the structure involved to achieve this effect.

The Empire Has Occupied Jedha City - Lego Star Wars MOC

Even though the finished build is massive, everything is set in a microscale. With most of the tiny building being done inside the city walls. Check out that skyline. It has mini TIE fighters flying around the jumble of rooftops. The tallest building is actually the Temple of the Kyber, which was one of the most important buildings for the Jedi order. Full of history and a major source of Kyber crystals. Jedha City is what really makes this Lego MOC work.

Jedha City - Lego Star Wars MOC

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Chapter 5: The Gunslinger, A Lego Mandalorian MOC

Chapter 5: The Gunslinger, A Lego Mandalorian MOC

“Chapter 5: The Gunslinger” is another entry in the Lego Mandalorian series created by ctr_bricks. This time around we are on the most famous of Star Wars planets, Tatooine. Which just happens to be one of ctr_bricks favorite locations. The desert sand of this Lego MOC is spilling over its display base. A great effect. This time around there are four Minifigures featured: the Mandalorian, Toro Calican, and two different Tusken. Toro Calican uses a rubber band to represent a bandana/mask. Toro is trying to trade with the Tuskens and their Bantha. The lumbering beast is actually brick built with a variety of odd pieces. Brown Lego vines, whips, and droid arms are all used to great effect. Even tan radar dishes are being used as giant lips.

Chapter 5: The Gunslinger, A Lego Mandalorian MOC Minifigures

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Red 66: A Red Lego Hot Rod On Route 66

Sylon-tw Lego Red 66 Detail

Nothing like speeding through the desert in a red hot rod. Just don’t break down, the vultures might get to you. It looks like it might be a bit too late for some poor backpacker. This little vignette of Red 66 is the creation of Sylon-tw. Every piece is carefully placed. Check out how slick the engine turned out. The ice-skating blade is a stand out detail.

Sylon-tw Lego Red 66

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Lego Star Wars: Jabba’s Sail Barge (75020) Reviewed by Csacsa234 @ Eurobricks

Csacsa234's Lego Star Wars Jabba's Sail Barge 75020 Review 01

The new Lego Star Wars: Jabba’s Sail Barge (75020) has officially been released and is starting to show up at some retailers. This set comes with 4 minifigures (Slave Leia, Max Rebo, Weequay, and Ree-Yees), 1 bigfigure (Jabba the Hutt) and 1 droid (R2D2). It contains many hidden play features, and some nice details. Jabba’s Sail Barge comes in at 850 pieces and a $119.99 price tag. Which is a good deal cheaper then the previous Jabba’s Sail Barge (6210) on the secondary market.

Eurobricks user Csacsa234 has already posted a full photo review. Noting that there are hidden pirate cannons, flick firing missiles, undercarriage wheels, a removable deck/roof, and foldable sides/walls. This set is full of play features.

Csacsa234's Lego Star Wars Jabba's Sail Barge 75020 Review 02

Inside Jabba’s Sail Barge is a kitchen, jail, throne room, and a music stage. Max Rebo and his futuristic piano (or is it an organ?) steal the show from Jabba in this set. He just happens to be a perfect Lego minifigure, oozing cuteness and a hot blue color scheme. Interestingly, Lego has provided film (thin plastic) sails for the Sail Barge which will hopefully last a long time. There are also 26 stickers, which luckily are not required. Jabba’s Sail Barge looks great with and without stickers.

Csacsa234's Lego Star Wars Jabba's Sail Barge 75020 Review 03

The Lego minifigures are extremely detailed. With a newish version of R2D2 (grey top, and better printing), Slave Leia, Jabba the Hutt, Ree-Yees, Weequay, and Max Rebo. While the Jabba the Hutt and his goons look great the real star is Max Rebo (sorry Leia). Just look at that little blue dude.

Csacsa234's Lego Star Wars Jabba's Sail Barge 75020 Minifigures

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