Grab A Soda At The General Store, A Lego MOC

Grab A Soda At The General Store, Lego MOC

The General Store can be the last bastion of civilization before heading out into the wilderness. The calm before getting mixed up in a dark forest, or getting lost in the desert. A scene that has played out hundreds of times on film and television. This Lego General Store is created by Norton74. Inspired by these classic small town and rural American locations. A place where you can find a little bit of everything. You can fill up gas, buy some tools, pick up a soda, and make a phone call all in one place. This Lego diorama has a bunch of fun features. A really creative flag built with Lego 1×1 clips, the old time gas pump with a sea shell on top (shell gas), and the slightly uneven yellow siding on the main building. With a nice old man watching over everything. There is also a collection of Lego animals helping to fill out the scene, you can spy a pig, a cat, two dogs, a bird, a few chickens, and a skunk. This is a very busy store.

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Getting Lost With Over The Garden Wall Lego

Over The Garden Wall Lego MOC

“Oh potatoes and molasses,
If you want some, oh just ask us…”

In 2014, the animated cartoon Over the Garden Wall was released right after Halloween. The show oozes with mystery and adventure, as Wirt and Greg are trying to find their way out of the woods. While they are lost they happen to find an extremely helpful bluebird named Beatrice. The whole show is animated in a 19th and early 20th century art style. It is a perfect Halloween/Thanksgiving story, and comes in at just about 2 hours. This Over the Garden Wall Lego MOC is the creation of Revan New. They used some clever vignetting and filters to simulate the look of the original show in their photos.

Over The Garden Wall Lego Greg

Some of the details present are great. Check out the teapot on Gregs head, and his side satchel. A great place to hide a Rock, some candy, and a certain Frog friend.

Over The Garden Wall Lego Wirt

Wirt, the older brother is wearing his weird outfit. A large cloak and pointy hat. Then there is Beatrice. She sure wants to help the kids find Adelaide’s house. Hopefully they can find their way home…

Over The Garden Wall Lego Beatrice

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Red 66: A Red Lego Hot Rod On Route 66

Sylon-tw Lego Red 66 Detail

Nothing like speeding through the desert in a red hot rod. Just don’t break down, the vultures might get to you. It looks like it might be a bit too late for some poor backpacker. This little vignette of Red 66 is the creation of Sylon-tw. Every piece is carefully placed. Check out how slick the engine turned out. The ice-skating blade is a stand out detail.

Sylon-tw Lego Red 66

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Bioshock Lego, The Amazing Handyman

Mr Scare Chrome's Lego Bioshock, The Amazing Handyman

In Bioshock Infinite the big bad guy is more often then not the Handyman. These huge mechanical men would be integrated into a robotic body as a way of prolonging their lives. Too bad Booker DeWitt came along and killed a whole bunch of them. This Minifigure scale Handyman is great. The minimalistic treatment to the robotic body is a great fit, and the minifigure head is a perfect match for their character. Check out more Bioshock MOCs here:

The Amazing Handyman is the creation of MrScareChrome over on Flickr:

Bioshock Infinite: Beast of America

CoolWhip's Lego Bioshock Infinite: Beast Of America


“The year 1912. Deep in debt, Brooker Dewitt has only one opportunity for a clean slate: rescue Elizabeth, a mysterious girl imprisoned since childhood in the flying city of Columbia.”

CoolWhip's Lego Bioshock Infinite: Beast Of America Detail

Bioshock Infinite is one of those video games that just oozes story and style. Everything from the colonial Americana design, to the patriotic propaganda helps to reinforce the wonder and horror of the world of Bioshock. Many great MOCs have been built based off of Bioshock concepts, usually around the Big Daddy character. This build is one of the first seen based off of the newest Bioshock game, and certainly one of the only ones that try to recreate the setting in Lego.

Note all the details contained in this section of the flying city of Columbia. Brooker Dewitt and Elizabeth hiding behind a vending cart for safety. The Tin Soldier, Turret and Handyman all mixed in with the chaos. There is even a billboard. This is a great MOC that will hopefully inspire more Bioshock builds.

CoolWhip's Bioshock Infinite: Lego Tin Soldier

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