Grab A Soda At The General Store, A Lego MOC

Grab A Soda At The General Store, Lego MOC

The General Store can be the last bastion of civilization before heading out into the wilderness. The calm before getting mixed up in a dark forest, or getting lost in the desert. A scene that has played out hundreds of times on film and television. This Lego General Store is created by Norton74. Inspired by these classic small town and rural American locations. A place where you can find a little bit of everything. You can fill up gas, buy some tools, pick up a soda, and make a phone call all in one place. This Lego diorama has a bunch of fun features. A really creative flag built with Lego 1×1 clips, the old time gas pump with a sea shell on top (shell gas), and the slightly uneven yellow siding on the main building. With a nice old man watching over everything. There is also a collection of Lego animals helping to fill out the scene, you can spy a pig, a cat, two dogs, a bird, a few chickens, and a skunk. This is a very busy store.

Check out this General Store Lego MOC over here:

The Octan Office, An Alternate Corner Garage

The Octan Office, An Alternate Corner Garage, Lego MOC

The Octan Office is a Lego MOC created by Łukasz Libuszewski. This Modular style building uses 2,542 pieces. The office is actually an alternate build of the Corner Garage (10264) Modular Building. It uses about 90% of the pieces from the original, and 240 or so pieces have been added. The ground floor features the Octan office and an automotive parts store. A small pet clinic takes up the second floor, and a small apartment gets the third floor all to itself. This Lego build features a lovely roof line, with some very steep slopes and sweeping curves. Besides the three modular floors, the back features two huge window sections that can be removed for easier access. If you find your Modular City has too many corner buildings, it may be time to try an alternate Corner Garage.

The Octan Office Lego MOC, An Alternate Corner Garage 10264

The designer of the Octan Office has drafted up a set of instructions, which goes over the 2,303 pieces conversion of the Corner Garage, and the 240 that you will need to add. That manual can be found for sale over here, and you can find more details, and more photos of the finished build:

The Octan Office, An Alternate Corner Garage Lego Instructions

A Lego Barbershop Build

A Lego Barbershop Build

This little Lego Barbershop build is the creation of Maxim Baybakov. This little corner has all the features of a classic barbershop. A waiting area, the comfy chairs, pictures of haircuts on the wall, gigantic mirrors, and even all the tools. The classic checkerboard style floor tiles probably took a long time to get lined up straight. A couple of stand out details include the Minifigure sweeping up the cut hair (which is made out a bunch of black Lego horns) and the white Minifigure beard representing shaving cream. There are a lot of great ideas in this Lego MOC. Such as how the chairs use gold bananas as armrests. My favorite detail though, is the jar of Barbicide on the counter.

Check out more information about this Lego Barbershop over here:

The Corner Toy Shop – A Modular Lego MOC

The Corner Toy Shop - A Modular Lego MOC

This is the local Corner Toy Shop, a Lego MOC built by emo Lego. The store is set in the modular building scale, so it fits in well with that theme. There are a lot of details and mini builds around the building. Some even from other popular Lego sets. The first floor features a wonderful Toy Shop. Full of all kinds of toys and games for Minifigure kids. The design uses the new Lego Dots to add a lot of multi-colored details. Outside you can find a clown enticing children to buy things, and a rocket ship coin-op ride. There is a lot going on with the first floor. There is even an oversized mouth welcoming all into the bowels of fun.

The Corner Toy Shop - A Modular Lego MOC - Clowns

Inside the toy store, you will quickly discover packed store displays and models hung up all around. It seems the store has a Lego promotion, selling multiple Lego sets including the first ever Lego Modular. The Cafe Corner. There is also a display of unique hats, hot new video games, trains, planes, and Spider Man. This is a dense Lego store.

The Corner Toy Shop - A Modular Lego MOC - Inside Store Shopping

The second floor hides a more adult themed building. A pool hall, and a fully stocked bar. The exterior sign is borrowed from the Detective’s Office Modular Building. You can see an excellent amount of detail has gone into the building as a whole. The upper two floors look like they would fit in completely with the official theme.

The Corner Toy Store With Pool Hall - A Modular Lego MOC

Then up a flight of steps you can find a service entrance. Inside is a very popular billiards game. The bar is booming. This interior includes a lot of details and mini-builds that are inspired from the Detective’s Office and The Highlander Bar. Although this bar looks much more popular.

Pool Hall And Bar

Check out many more photos of this Lego MOC Corner Toy Shop over here:

Welcome to Scoops Ahoy! – A Stranger Things Lego MOC

Welcome to Scoops Ahoy. A Lego Stranger Things MOC.

Welcome to Scoops Ahoy! This delicious ice cream store is a key setting for season 3 of Stranger Things. Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley are instantly recognizable (with the help of some Star Wars minifigure heads, and sailor hats). This Lego Scoops Ahoy is the creation of Eldritchpenguin. Lego has released an official Stranger Things set, but this shows what you can create without those bricks. The only thing missing is an Erica Sinclair Minifigure.

You can find more about this MOC over here:

The TwinBee, A Lego Mech Homage

rongYIREN's TwinBee Lego Mech

This stout Lego Mech is called the TwinBee, and is the creation of rongYIREN. The TwinBee is an homage or recreation of the ship from the NES/SNES video game. A series that started way back in 1985 in Japan, and seems to still be going with an iOS / Android release in 2013 titled Line GoGo! TwinBee. This homage manages to keep the arms, which are essential for dropping bombs. The Lego version has some awesome jets, large enough to outrun anything else. It even manages to stand out as something unique in The Lego Mech or Robot genre:

rongYIREN's Twin Bee Lego Mech Back rongYIREN's Lego Mech Detail

You can find the Lego Mech TwinBee MOC, by rongYIREN, over on Flickr:

Excelsior! A Lego Modular Comic Book Store

SargeantSasquatch's Lego Modular Comic Book Store

Lego has really got something going with their Modulars Buildings. There have been 9 full sets released since 2007, and there are no signs of this theme slowing down. There are credible rumors going around that the next official release will be the Lego Modular Detective Agency. With a release in January 2015. Even with a yearly (roughly) release schedule people can’t get enough of these. There are hundreds of well built MOCs expanding on this theme out there. See the Cafe Corner inspired Lovely Hotel, or Emma’s Place as examples. This new MOC called the Lego Modular Comic Book Store, has been built by SargeantSasquatch. It features a small comic shop, and an apartment above.

SargeantSasquatch's Lego Modular Comic Book Store Back SargeantSasquatch's Lego Modular Comic Book Store Side

This Lego Comic Book Store is built at 16 studs wide (1/2 the normal modular size). It features a red, tan, and blue color scheme. Which is very reminiscent of the famous Cafe Corner. The main attraction is the store. Which wisely uses the recent Lego Super Heroes theme to help populate the shelves. The details are great, with Batmans Wings above the door, Captain Americas Shield in the display window, and even costume hanging on the wall.

SargeantSasquatch's Lego Modular Comic Book Store Merch

Sitting above the comic shop is a fully furnished apartment. Which is similar to the official Pet Shop. The ground floor features a really awesome red sofa and chair. Plus a sleek flat screen television. This spiral staircase leads up to the second floor which is the bedroom.

SargeantSasquatch's Lego Modular Comic Book Store House

Check out this Lego Modular Comic Book Store built by SargeantSasquatch over on Reddit: