Welcome to Scoops Ahoy! – A Stranger Things Lego MOC

Welcome to Scoops Ahoy. A Lego Stranger Things MOC.

Welcome to Scoops Ahoy! This delicious ice cream store is a key setting for season 3 of Stranger Things. Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley are instantly recognizable (with the help of some Star Wars minifigure heads, and sailor hats). This Lego Scoops Ahoy is the creation of Eldritchpenguin. Lego has released an official Stranger Things set, but this shows what you can create without those bricks. The only thing missing is an Erica Sinclair Minifigure.

You can find more about this MOC over here: https://www.reddit.com/r/lego/comments/ccaff1/welcome_to_scoops_ahoy/