Bioshock Lego, The Amazing Handyman

Mr Scare Chrome's Lego Bioshock, The Amazing Handyman

In Bioshock Infinite the big bad guy is more often then not the Handyman. These huge mechanical men would be integrated into a robotic body as a way of prolonging their lives. Too bad Booker DeWitt came along and killed a whole bunch of them. This Minifigure scale Handyman is great. The minimalistic treatment to the robotic body is a great fit, and the minifigure head is a perfect match for their character. Check out more Bioshock MOCs here:

The Amazing Handyman is the creation of MrScareChrome over on Flickr:

Bioshock Infinite: Beast of America

CoolWhip's Lego Bioshock Infinite: Beast Of America


“The year 1912. Deep in debt, Brooker Dewitt has only one opportunity for a clean slate: rescue Elizabeth, a mysterious girl imprisoned since childhood in the flying city of Columbia.”

CoolWhip's Lego Bioshock Infinite: Beast Of America Detail

Bioshock Infinite is one of those video games that just oozes story and style. Everything from the colonial Americana design, to the patriotic propaganda helps to reinforce the wonder and horror of the world of Bioshock. Many great MOCs have been built based off of Bioshock concepts, usually around the Big Daddy character. This build is one of the first seen based off of the newest Bioshock game, and certainly one of the only ones that try to recreate the setting in Lego.

Note all the details contained in this section of the flying city of Columbia. Brooker Dewitt and Elizabeth hiding behind a vending cart for safety. The Tin Soldier, Turret and Handyman all mixed in with the chaos. There is even a billboard. This is a great MOC that will hopefully inspire more Bioshock builds.

CoolWhip's Bioshock Infinite: Lego Tin Soldier

Cool Whip built these Lego Bioshock Infinite MOC’s and you can view more on Flickr: