Lets Cook! — A Breaking Bad Lego Build

Lets Cook! — A Breaking Bad Lego Build

“Lets Cook” is a Breaking Bad themed Lego MOC created by Mr.MOCsProductions. This scene was built as an entry into RebelLUG’s Vignweek contest. The idea was to build someones lair, and there is no better location in Breaking Bad than the RV. This retro styled RV is a great build. Especially the overall shape. The gentle slope of the front end is perfect. Note all the work done to seamlessly blend the slope into the rest of the square vehicle. The Lego wrench used for the door is another great detail. Two little chairs and a desert themed base finish the scene. The cactuses are well built, mostly made up of 1×2 plates. Finally the tan, and brown bricks simulate the desert outside New Mexico well.

You can see more of this Breaking Bad build called “Lets Cook” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/183455890@N03/49962640871/

Lets Cook! — A Breaking Bad Lego Build, Rear

Lego Breaking Bad by Zoran Bosnjak

ZoranBosnjak's Lego Breaking Bad

It has been a few weeks since the series finale of Breaking Bad. The ending has sparked a lot of creativity. Zoran Bosnjak has even created his own mini Lego set based on Breaking Bad. What makes this one stand out is that everything is made up of relatively easy to find pieces. Unlike the Breaking Bad Superlab Playset, which contains a lot of custom bricks. The detail of the lab is great, being instantly recognizable without a whole lot of parts.

This Lego Breaking Bad MOC even comes with a whole lot of minifigs, such as Mike, Gustavo, Saul, Walter, Jesse, and Mike. It looks like there is enough Blue Sky Candy for everyone.

ZoranBosnjak's Lego Breaking Bad Detail

Check out at Zoran Bosnjak’s Lego Breaking Bad MOC over at Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/95987769@N04/sets/72157635921574914

A Lego Breaking Bad Superlab Playset from Citizen Brick

CitizenBrick's Lego Breaking Bad Superlab Playset

Breaking Bad is wrapping up its final season and what better way to celebrate then with a Lego Breaking Bad Superlab Playset, designed and sold through Citizen Brick. Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher, who after discovering that he has lung cancer, decides to get into the local meth scene. By utilizing his scientific knowledge, Walter is able to quickly disrupt and ultimately conquer the meth trade. It is easy to say that Lego would never create an official theme for Breaking Bad. The details of this unofficial Lego Breaking Bad playset are amazingly accurate. The whole lab comes together in a modular design, with re-arrangeable walls, it is easy to display as one giant Superlab or three separate labs.

CitizenBrick's Lego Breaking Bad Lab Playset Detail

You can now own your own little Lego Walter White, and go on zany adventures through the underground drug world. This unofficial playset contains over 500 Lego pieces. Featuring custom 3 minifigures, including a Lego Walter White, and many carefully and professionally printed Lego bricks. All of the details of this Superlab comes with a super price: $250.00.

CitizenBrick's Lego Breaking Bad Lab Playset Detail 2

The unofficial Lego Breaking Bad Superlab Playset is offered through Citizen Brick:

You can catch up on Breaking Bad with Amazon Instant Video: Breaking Bad, Seasons 1-6