Filming King Kong vs. Godzilla

Filming King Kong vs. Godzilla, Lego MOC

King Kong vs. Godzilla is one of those classic film match ups. Everyone imagines how they think the fight would go down. In the film King Kong vs. Godzilla, from 1962 the two monsters fight it out on top of Mount Fuji, with Kong eventually emerging as the winner. An interesting story, but a lot of fans wanted to see them fight in a big city. This Lego MOC called “Filming a Giant Monster Movie” is created by Luis Peña. He imagines a big city battle between the giants in a film studio. The lighting trusses are a great use of the large Lego pieces. The black boxes work well as a frame, giving the scene the appearance of a set without adding too much detailing. The Lego architecture style buildings are a perfect use here, but the best detail might be all of the mini cars and vehicles. There is even a tiny fire engine doing its best at damage control. Maybe this time Kong will let Godzilla win?

Check out the “Filming a Giant Monster Movie” Lego creation over here:

Behind the Scenes; Building Lego for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine Logo, Behind The Scenes With Lego

Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently featured Lego in a scene with Detective Sergeant Terence “Terry” Jeffords (played by Terry Crews). Afterwards something awesome happened. Reddit user austoncall posted a whole bunch of behind the scenes photographs showing what went into creating the Lego tower. Although it took a whole lot more work then someone would expect, the Lego tower looked great as it was being destroyed on set.

Brooklyn Nine Nine, Behind The Scenes With Lego Setup

The whole project started out as about $300 worth of brand new Lego. Everything was built with 2 complete sets of the Lego King’s Castle (70404), 2 Builders of Tomorrow (6177) sets, 2 Lego Creative Buckets (10662), 1 Lego Creative Building Kit (5749), 1 Lego Education Doors, Windows, & Roof Tiles set (9386), plus a few baseplates and other miscellaneous parts.

Brooklyn Nine Nine, Behind The Scenes With Lego BuildingBrooklyn Nine Nine Lego, Behind The Scenes Three Towers

The greatest challenge to creating these props, was figuring out what kind of style to build the tower. A sleek modern tower that the best AFOL would create, or a tower created out of a hodgepodge of bricks (like a child would build). After a few attempts, the show decided on something in between. A good decision, as it is instantly recognizable as Lego. In the end three towers were needed, so that the crew could film multiple takes and angles. If you look closely the three towers look similar, but are actually slightly different.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Lego, Behind The Scenes Set

Make sure to check out all the photos of this Brooklyn Nine-Nine Lego Tower prop:

Plus, here is the original post over on Reddit:

And, a follow up AMA here:

*Nevermind!* If you happen to find a clip of the scene from Brooklyn Nine-Nine please share!

United Nations Headquarters Lego MOC

Spencer_R's United Nations Headquarters Lego MOC

Lego has done a great job with its architecture theme. One of the best models is the Lego United Nations Headquarters (21018). Some of these models are small, and have been shrunk down. The UN Headquarters is one of the most successful examples of this. Even though it is small, a good amount of detail is still present. If you have ever wondered what a Lego architecture set would look like if money and piece count didn’t matter, then this United Nations Headquarters by Spencer_R is perfect. This is a spot-on recreation of the UN Headquaters and has recently been updated with the newer trans blue pieces. The flags and adjoining park have been recreated perfectly and give this Lego MOC a sense of scale.

Spencer_R's United Nations Headquarters Lego MOC Back

Check out this Lego United Nations Headquarters, by Spencer_R, over on Flickr:

Finn’s Basement – The Lego Movie Set is at Legoland California

Finn's Basement, The Lego Movie Set

Legoland in Carlsbad, California has recently opened a new exhibit. Finn’s Basement, which is the actual set that was used in the filming of The Lego Movie. It is a massive set with almost every scene from The Lego Movie built in Lego. The whole set up is just like every kids (and adults) dream. A massive basement level Lego studio, with a whole collection of Lego spanning decades of collecting. Even though this is only a set, it is extremely awesome!

Finns Basement, The Lego Movie Set, City

It appears that these photos were taken before the final exhibit was finished. In newer photos there is a plexiglass wall surrounding each set, making sure that hands stay away from all the hard work on display. The amount of work that went into building this set is staggering. A few poor souls are probably still recovering from calloused hands. The detailing involved in this set is amazing. With hand drawn signs, warning labels and posters which all appeared in The Lego Movie.

Finns Basement, The Lego Movie Set, Detail

Finn's Basement, The Lego Movie, ConstructionFinn's Basement, The Lego Movie, Castle

Finn's Basement, The Lego Movie, Wild West

Finn’s Basement is organized into different sections. Each one representing a theme from the film. Represented are City, Castle, Wild West, Pirates, Space, Cloud Cuckoo, etc.

Finn's Basement, The Lego Movie, Sea Cow

Based on the Classic Space section it looks like Benny got his spaceship! Spaceship!

Finn's Basement, The Lego Movie, Space

Legoland California has a great exhibit here. Hopefully it will stick around for a long while.

Check out the full series from Finn’s Basement posted by ared22 over on Imgur:

Lego United Nations Headquarters (21018) Reviewed @ Toys N Bricks

Brickbuilder0937's United Nations Headquarters Review 01

The newest set in the Lego Architecture theme, the United Nations Headquarters (21018) is now available
(Amazon). With 597 pieces and a $49.99 price tag this is one of the more reasonably priced Architecture sets. Over at Toys N Bricks, Brickbuilder0937 has recently posted a full pictorial review of the set. The Lego United Nations Headquarters seems to be one of the best Architectures sets with an extremely accurate (for Lego) and professional design.

The set depicts not only the U.N. tower, but the other four surrounding buildings too. By the time you complete the base, the layout of the complex is very apparent.

Brickbuilder0937's United Nations Headquarters Review 04

If you have been looking around for “1 x 2 trans light blue” bricks then this is the set to get, with 155 included. They are put to good use, creating some beautiful windows. This set also features some of the “smoothest” brick built slopes. Achieved by combining “headlight bricks” and the “1 x 1 with stud-on-one-side” bricks. These half step slopes can be seen on the smaller surrounding buildings.

Brickbuilder0937's United Nations Headquarters Review 03

The little Lego lever is a perfect representation of a flag pole, one of the best details in this set. Making the building instantly recognizable as the U.N. Headquarters. Just don’t accidentally brush up on those levers.

The whole build is quite a bit larger in person then it looks on the box. Which, is the opposite effect from most of these Architecture sets.

“In the past I was skeptical of buying the Architecture series sets because they seemed small for their price, but after seeing how accurate and profesional this model was, I was impressed.” — Brickbuilder0937

Brickbuilder0937's United Nations Headquarters Review 02

Read the full Lego United Nations review over at Toys N Bricks:

The Lego United Nations Headquarters (21018) is available from Amazon: here.

A Lego Breaking Bad Superlab Playset from Citizen Brick

CitizenBrick's Lego Breaking Bad Superlab Playset

Breaking Bad is wrapping up its final season and what better way to celebrate then with a Lego Breaking Bad Superlab Playset, designed and sold through Citizen Brick. Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher, who after discovering that he has lung cancer, decides to get into the local meth scene. By utilizing his scientific knowledge, Walter is able to quickly disrupt and ultimately conquer the meth trade. It is easy to say that Lego would never create an official theme for Breaking Bad. The details of this unofficial Lego Breaking Bad playset are amazingly accurate. The whole lab comes together in a modular design, with re-arrangeable walls, it is easy to display as one giant Superlab or three separate labs.

CitizenBrick's Lego Breaking Bad Lab Playset Detail

You can now own your own little Lego Walter White, and go on zany adventures through the underground drug world. This unofficial playset contains over 500 Lego pieces. Featuring custom 3 minifigures, including a Lego Walter White, and many carefully and professionally printed Lego bricks. All of the details of this Superlab comes with a super price: $250.00.

CitizenBrick's Lego Breaking Bad Lab Playset Detail 2

The unofficial Lego Breaking Bad Superlab Playset is offered through Citizen Brick:

You can catch up on Breaking Bad with Amazon Instant Video: Breaking Bad, Seasons 1-6

Lego Architecture Studio (21050) Review by Jim Butcher @ Eurobricks

Lego Architecture Studio (21050) Review by JimButcher

The LEGO Architecture Studio (21050) is a very mysterious set. Currently only available in the United States, this set can be hard to find. Because of this, the set is wrapped up in mystery. Jim Butcher got his hands on this massive set and broke it open to document and review what he found. The Architecture Studio contains 1,210 pieces and comes in a very unconventional box. Most official Lego sets are released in a flat(ish) rectangle shaped box, not so for the Architecture Studio. This is a huge package. Taking up the space of 3 or 4 normal Lego sets. Inside is a very unique set, that Lego has never produced before.

Besides the 1,210 Lego pieces the set comes with two clear sorting trays. Fun fact: these sorting trays are official Lego pieces. They work well, and help to manage the massive amount of like sized/shaped pieces. Speaking of which, almost every piece is white. With the exception of a handful of transparent pieces. The whole point of the Lego Architecture Studio is to use the included pieces to begin building technically minded architecture models. The monochrome color scheme helps break the Lego models down to their core concept, while reinforcing the minimalistic goal of the set.

Lego Architecture Studio (21050) Pieces by JimButcher

The large Lego piece count and sorting trays are not the main focus of this set. The instruction manual or book is the star. A huge 272 page perfect bound book. Featuring tips, building techniques, styles, history, and general information about Architecture and Lego. The book does not contain standard instructions. No step by step builds of famous architectural models. Instead the book features very general instructions, often showing the building of a model across only 3-4 steps. The Lego Architecture Studio (21050) is an educational and inspirational set, sharing more in common with Lego Mindstorms then Lego Star Wars.

Lego Architecture Studio (21050) Book by JimButcher

Read the full review by Jim Butcher over at Eurobricks:

Lego Architecture Studio (21050) Book Download

UPDATE: It looks like Lego has taken the file offline. Lego has offered a .pdf download of the whole 272 page book from the Lego Architecture Studio (21050). This is huge download, at 413 MB. Check it out here:

Amazon has the set for sale, but like other recently popular sets it comes and goes out of stock often. Check it out on Amazon here: LEGO Architecture Studio (21050)

Iron Man’s Laboratory / Hall of Armor

Lego Iron Man's Laboratory / Hall of Armor

The Iron Man Hall of Armor has proven to be extremely popular. Here at LegoGenre, it is currently the number one search term. Who would ever have guessed?

Although the Lab & Hall of Armor have an abbreviated representation by Lego with the Malibu Mansion Attack set, it seems that people still want more. The good news is that it looks like Lego has noticed the popularity for a Lego Iron Man Lab & Hall of Armor. Because, they are offering up the next best thing to another play set: free instructions for building your own. These instructions are offered up as a PDF with full color and good detail.

Now, thanks to Lego, you too can build Iron Man’s Hall of Armor, and create hilarious stop motion videos.

Lego Iron Man's Laboratory / Hall of Armor Detail

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New Lego Architecture set: United Nations Headquarters (21018)

Lego Architecture United Nations Headquarters 21018

It looks like the next set in the Architecture theme will be the United Nations Headquarters (21018). This set has a lot of creative details. The little Lego joysticks/levers for flagpoles, a technic brick for a fountain, and little Lego grill pieces set together for windows.

This years Architecture sets have all been great. With the Imperial Hotel (21017) and the Leaning Tower of Pisa (21015) being released so far, it will be interesting to see what else Lego will release this winter.

Big thanks to Flickr user motayan for posting the first photo.

Star Wars Jedi Defender-class Cruiser (75025) Announced

GRogall’s Photos: Star Wars Jedi Defender Class Cruiser The Old Republic

The newest Lego Star Wars set has been announced, and it is the Jedi Defender-class Cruiser (75025) from Bioware’s Star Wars the Old Republic. Every time I see a new set released from Lego based on The Old Republic it makes me smile. This is a set based on a video game, from the extended universe, ultimately based on the original films.

The Jedi Defender-class Cruiser comes with 4 minifigs, 3 of which are all new. 2 of the 4 happen to be Jedi’s, so thats great, and of course the obligatory Sith to fight with. The new spaceship comes with 937 pieces, and is rumored to be priced around $100. If so, that would make this a pretty good deal for a Star Wars set. The set should be out soonish, so if you cannot wait, just log in to The Old Republic and admire the Cruiser in all its digital glory.

Thanks to GRogall of Eurobricks for breaking the news on this new set, for more photos go here:

GRogall’s Photos: Star Wars Jedi Defender Class Cruiser The Old Republic Detail