Filming King Kong vs. Godzilla

Filming King Kong vs. Godzilla, Lego MOC

King Kong vs. Godzilla is one of those classic film match ups. Everyone imagines how they think the fight would go down. In the film King Kong vs. Godzilla, from 1962 the two monsters fight it out on top of Mount Fuji, with Kong eventually emerging as the winner. An interesting story, but a lot of fans wanted to see them fight in a big city. This Lego MOC called “Filming a Giant Monster Movie” is created by Luis Peña. He imagines a big city battle between the giants in a film studio. The lighting trusses are a great use of the large Lego pieces. The black boxes work well as a frame, giving the scene the appearance of a set without adding too much detailing. The Lego architecture style buildings are a perfect use here, but the best detail might be all of the mini cars and vehicles. There is even a tiny fire engine doing its best at damage control. Maybe this time Kong will let Godzilla win?

Check out the “Filming a Giant Monster Movie” Lego creation over here:

A Lego City Tensegrity Sculpture

A Lego City Tensegrity Sculpture

Lego Tensegrity builds have broken out of the basic shape and have been exploring just what is possible with the physics. The gravity defying trick is being refined at a fast pace. This Lego City Tensegrity Sculpture is created by Ken MA, who has been inspired by the film “Inception.” Here the city is both above and below. An interesting feature about this Lego MOC in particular is that of the three chains/supports, the center one is trying to disappear as much as possible. A few transparent bricks helps this effect. These are great Lego skyscrapers, and would fit right in with the official architecture theme. Except half of them are upside down.

A Lego City Tensegrity Sculpture Backside

Check out more photos and details about this Lego Tensegrity Sculpture over here:

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Lincoln Memorial & Flatiron Building: 2015 Lego Architecture Sets

2015 Lego Architecture, Lincoln Memorial (21022)

For the past few years now Lego has been releasing about 4 official Architecture sets a year, with a few special exemptions (Marina Bay Sands, The Lego House). With that in mind it has been revealed that the first new sets released in 2015 for the Lego Architecture theme will be the Lincoln Memorial and the Flatiron Building. The first new set is the Lincoln Memorial (21022) which will be built with 274 Lego pieces. Making this an extremely small build, especially compared to the previously released White House. The price point is not known yet, but should be somewhere between $19.99 and $29.99.

2015 Lego Architecture, Lincoln Memorial (21022) Box

The next new Lego Architecture set for 2015 will be the Flatiron Building (21023). This one is a lot more obscure then the Lincoln Memorial. This is a triangular skyscraper located in New York City. The Lego version does its best to replicate this building, using some funky connection techniques to achieve the weird angles. This set will include 471 Lego pieces, and should be priced somewhere between $39.99 and $49.99.

2015 Lego Architecture, Flatiron Building (21023)

Keep and eye out for these. Lego Architecture sets have a habit of sneaking onto shelves without anyone noticing. Then selling out, because they are extremely popular.

2015 Lego Architecture, Flatiron Building (21023) Box
Lincoln Memorial and Flatiron Building images from Gizmodo:

Brickville is a Beautiful Lego SimCity

Brickville Lego City Overhead SimCity

Brickville is the closest thing to a Lego SimCity. Imagine if EA Games made a Lego themed version of SimCity. It would look like this. This micro scale city in completely modular. Usually these type of projects can look too artificial, sometimes being too constrained to a set of rules. Brickville seems to have found a way past this problem. This little city is currently 67 or so baseplates in size and is expanding.  Not only is Brickville extremely photogenic from overhead, but its profile looks almost real. The variety of the high-rises and skyscrapers help lend the project a sense of realism.

Brickville Lego City

Brickville recently made an appearance at a KLUG show. Where it was photographed by Luap31 and Jameson42. You can find more details over on Flickr:

Brickville Lego City Display