I Saw (Lego) Spider-Man Today

I Saw (Lego) Spider-Man Today, A Lego MOC

I Saw Spider-Man Today, is a Lego MOC by Barthezz Brick. The scene features three huge buildings, a few streets, and a whole lot of details. Everything looks weathered, accomplished by using various misaligned and ill-fitting Lego bricks. Giving the whole setting a very New York feel. Especially the more gritty version from some of the comics. There is a lot going on in this build. If you look carefully you can spot Spider-Man, a Sushi stand, Motorcycle, newsstand, and even a saxophone player. Everything has been brought together by the excellent use of custom decals and stickers. Especially the Coca-Cola sign.

I Saw Spider-Man Today, Golden Dragon Sushi Detail
Spiderman and Coca-Cola

Barthezz Brick has even provided a short story, setting the scene:

“The scultz gang robbed their third bank this week. I chased one of the robbers for three blocks when he tore his money bag on W 37th street. He lost more than half of his loot. I doubted, should i secure the money or should i keep chasing the bloke?

I decided to keep track on the scultz gang member, but then all of a sudden i saw spider-man. He came out of nowhere and webbed the guy in the middle of a busy crossroad. It was amazing!! Finally when the police arrived they arrested that son of a b*tch and took him to the nearest police station.

It was amazing to see my childhood dreams came true. Spider-Man you’re my Hero!”

Dogs and a Motorcycle

There are a lot of details in this “I Saw Spider-Man Today” Lego MOC, so make sure to check them out here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/151790575@N05/41890895962/

Liberty And Justice For All. Women’s March NYC.

RaddingtonFalls Lego Womens March

Lego Artist, RaddingtonFalls has created a few signs in support of the Women’s March in New York City. Where massive amounts of people in NYC and around the globe are standing up for the “protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.”

Check out there Twitter account for more: https://twitter.com/RaddingtonFalls

FOTC MOC: Flight of the Conchords Lego Stuff

Grebe Lego Flight Of The Conchords FOTC

The Flight of the Conchords are a humorous folk band from New Zealand. They are most well known for their great HBO television show. It has been years since the show ended and the band has recently reunited for a tour. So it is no surprise to see a new Lego FOTC MOC.

Grebe Lego Flight Of The Conchords Bedroom Grebe Lego Flight Of The Conchords Office

There are a total of four vignettes in the series. The iconic bedroom, a tiny kitchen, a stage, and Murray’s office. Each one of these scenes is instantly recognizable and is great for displaying the Minifigures. Of which, we have four. There are the main characters Jemaine and Bret, the band manager Murray, and the crazy fan Mel. These are spot on, and no one is going to get these Minifigs mixed up.

Grebe Lego Flight Of The Conchords FOTC Cast


There are many more photos of the Lego Flight of the Conchords over on Flickr. And if that is not enough, make sure to check out all the details in the video below.

United Nations Headquarters Lego MOC

Spencer_R's United Nations Headquarters Lego MOC

Lego has done a great job with its architecture theme. One of the best models is the Lego United Nations Headquarters (21018). Some of these models are small, and have been shrunk down. The UN Headquarters is one of the most successful examples of this. Even though it is small, a good amount of detail is still present. If you have ever wondered what a Lego architecture set would look like if money and piece count didn’t matter, then this United Nations Headquarters by Spencer_R is perfect. This is a spot-on recreation of the UN Headquaters and has recently been updated with the newer trans blue pieces. The flags and adjoining park have been recreated perfectly and give this Lego MOC a sense of scale.

Spencer_R's United Nations Headquarters Lego MOC Back

Check out this Lego United Nations Headquarters, by Spencer_R, over on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/51130204@N04/14021080829/

Good News, Everyone! A Lego Futurama Display: The World of Tomorrow.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama: The World of Tomorrow

Futurama is one of the greatest television shows of all time. So it is fitting that Futurama has been recreated in one of the greatest Lego displays. Hopefully if the new Lego Simpsons theme takes off Lego will look into creating some Futurama sets. In the mean time you can create your own.

The World of Tomorrow, built by Pepa Quin, is a massive Lego version of New New York from Futurama. The whole project took over 2 years and originally started with the Planet Express all the way back in 2008. Since then the Futurama project has expanded into an 80″ x 60″ layout. Featuring most of the landmark locations from New New York. The World of Tomorrow made its debut at Brickworld 2010 as a part of the Northern Illinois Lego Train Club display.

The Futurama Lego display is based around the Planet Express. Surprisingly, it being the first MOC in the display it has largely remained unchanged. Even the Owl infestation is present in this awesome build.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama: The World of Tomorrow. Planet Express.

The iconic Madison Cube Garden has been included. Perfect for Lego concerts, and other live shows.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama: The World of Tomorrow. Madison Cube Garden.

For Brickworld 2011 the Taco Bellevue Hospital was added to The World of Tomorrow display. Replacing the MomCorp building.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama: The World of Tomorrow. Taco Bellevue Hospital.

Underneath New New York is the home of the mutants. The sewers (which happen to be the ruins of New York) is a toxic dump with a whole thriving underground city. The home of Leela’s parents and many adventures. If you look closely you might even find some cameos from Star Wars and Harry Potter down here.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama: The World of Tomorrow. New New York Sewers.

All of the main Futurama characters are present. Most of which have been created using custom decals and even some customs modifications.

Leela, Nibbler, and Zapp.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Leela, Nibbler, Zapp.


PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Bender!

Amy and Kiff.

PepaQuin's The World of Tomorrow. Amy and Kiff.

Fry visiting the local suicide booth.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Fry.

Zoidberg rummaging through the trash for dinner, or a friend.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Zoidberg.

It looks like Scruffy is probably enjoying his copy of Zero-G Juggs.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Scruffy.

The famous chef Elzar featuring an extremely well made custom body.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Elzar.

The local police. URL and Smitty.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. URL and Smitty.

Robot Santa Claus.

PepaQuin's Lego Futurama The World of Tomorrow. Robot Santa Claus

There are many references to Futurama episodes through out the display. For instance these flying Brains trying to catalog every piece of knowledge before destroying the universe.

PepaQuin's The World of Tomorrow. Brains.

Almost all of the Minifigures walking around New New York feature custom faces. Achieved by carefully creating and applying decals to blank Minifig heads.

PepaQuin's The World of Tomorrow. Minifigures.

Check out all the details from Pepa Quin’s  Lego Futurama display, The World of Tomorrow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pepa_quin/4730456558/

Lego United Nations Headquarters (21018) Reviewed @ Toys N Bricks

Brickbuilder0937's United Nations Headquarters Review 01

The newest set in the Lego Architecture theme, the United Nations Headquarters (21018) is now available
(Amazon). With 597 pieces and a $49.99 price tag this is one of the more reasonably priced Architecture sets. Over at Toys N Bricks, Brickbuilder0937 has recently posted a full pictorial review of the set. The Lego United Nations Headquarters seems to be one of the best Architectures sets with an extremely accurate (for Lego) and professional design.

The set depicts not only the U.N. tower, but the other four surrounding buildings too. By the time you complete the base, the layout of the complex is very apparent.

Brickbuilder0937's United Nations Headquarters Review 04

If you have been looking around for “1 x 2 trans light blue” bricks then this is the set to get, with 155 included. They are put to good use, creating some beautiful windows. This set also features some of the “smoothest” brick built slopes. Achieved by combining “headlight bricks” and the “1 x 1 with stud-on-one-side” bricks. These half step slopes can be seen on the smaller surrounding buildings.

Brickbuilder0937's United Nations Headquarters Review 03

The little Lego lever is a perfect representation of a flag pole, one of the best details in this set. Making the building instantly recognizable as the U.N. Headquarters. Just don’t accidentally brush up on those levers.

The whole build is quite a bit larger in person then it looks on the box. Which, is the opposite effect from most of these Architecture sets.

“In the past I was skeptical of buying the Architecture series sets because they seemed small for their price, but after seeing how accurate and profesional this model was, I was impressed.” — Brickbuilder0937

Brickbuilder0937's United Nations Headquarters Review 02

Read the full Lego United Nations review over at Toys N Bricks: http://toysnbricks.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=9403

The Lego United Nations Headquarters (21018) is available from Amazon: here.

Lego Indiana Jones / The Office of Professor Jones at Barnett College

PuCCi0's Lego Indiana Jones, Professor Jones' Office at Barnett College

Indiana Jones is a professor at the fictional Barnett College, located in Fairfield, New York. It is here that he is a professor of archaeology. Professor Jones is known to be very popular with his female students. Almost too popular. The creator of this great MOC is known on Flickr as PuCCi0. Here, PuCCio, has imagined and built Indiana Jones’ private artifact collection. There are a lot of tiny details, such as a snake, skull and crossbones, Thor’s hammer, and even a Stormtrooper helmet. A whole lot of these details have been hidden in the office clutter. It is hard to imagine if Indy can finish any work during office hours. This is probably why he is often out on location (Temple of Doom!).

Find more Lego stuff by PuCCio on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/91119871@N06/9029754650/

New Lego Architecture set: United Nations Headquarters (21018)

Lego Architecture United Nations Headquarters 21018

It looks like the next set in the Architecture theme will be the United Nations Headquarters (21018). This set has a lot of creative details. The little Lego joysticks/levers for flagpoles, a technic brick for a fountain, and little Lego grill pieces set together for windows.

This years Architecture sets have all been great. With the Imperial Hotel (21017) and the Leaning Tower of Pisa (21015) being released so far, it will be interesting to see what else Lego will release this winter.

Big thanks to Flickr user motayan for posting the first photo.