The Lego Batman Movie Soundtrack – Who’s The (Bat)Man

The Lego Batman Movie Soundtrack, Who's The Batman

The Lego Batman Movie has an amazing soundtrack. Make sure to listen to the films main single, it sums up the character from the film extremely well. “Who’s The (Bat)Man” is written and performed by Patrick Stump of the band Fall Out Boy. The song has a way of staying in your brain long after listening to it. “I’m 100% not Bruce Wayne!”

The other title track from the movie is “Friends Are Family,” with Jeff Lewis and Will Arnett. This is a more typical/expected pop song from the film, and it feels like it could fit right in with The Lego Movie.

FOTC MOC: Flight of the Conchords Lego Stuff

Grebe Lego Flight Of The Conchords FOTC

The Flight of the Conchords are a humorous folk band from New Zealand. They are most well known for their great HBO television show. It has been years since the show ended and the band has recently reunited for a tour. So it is no surprise to see a new Lego FOTC MOC.

Grebe Lego Flight Of The Conchords Bedroom Grebe Lego Flight Of The Conchords Office

There are a total of four vignettes in the series. The iconic bedroom, a tiny kitchen, a stage, and Murray’s office. Each one of these scenes is instantly recognizable and is great for displaying the Minifigures. Of which, we have four. There are the main characters Jemaine and Bret, the band manager Murray, and the crazy fan Mel. These are spot on, and no one is going to get these Minifigs mixed up.

Grebe Lego Flight Of The Conchords FOTC Cast


There are many more photos of the Lego Flight of the Conchords over on Flickr. And if that is not enough, make sure to check out all the details in the video below.

Punk’s Not Dead… It’s Just Retired

JuliusVonBrunk Lego Punk's Not Dead

Punk’s Not Dead… It’s Just Retired is a wicked cool Lego creation featuring an aging Lego Minifigure. This dude just wants to keep on rocking. The wheelchair is well made, and looks simple enough to replicate for your own displays.

Check out Punk’s Not Dead, created by Julius von Brunk, over on Flickr:

Ground Control To Major Tom — A Lego tribute to Chris Hadfield

John Moffatt's Ground Control To Major Tom, Lego Chris Hadfield

“For here
Am I sitting in a tin can
Far above the world
Planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do”
— David Bowie

Ground Control to Major Tom is a great Lego Vignette. Jeff Moffatt built this as a tribute to everyone’s favorite musical astronaut. This MOC depicts Commander Chris Hadfield singing Space Oddity (by David Bowie) while on board the International Space Station. The original version is one of the best videos on YouTube.

Check out Jeff Moffatt’s work over on MOCpages:

Everything is Awesome! – Music Video by Tegan and Sara, and The Lonely Island.

The Lego Movie, Everything Is Awesome

Everything is Awesome is the featured song from The Lego Movie. This upbeat tune is performed by Tegan and Sara and features The Lonely Island. Check out the official music video. If you are looking to download the song, check it out on Amazon: Everything Is Awesome!!! (Feat. The Lonely Island)

Lego Drummer Wallpaper

LegoGenre: Lego Drummer Wallpaper

Whoa, another new wallpaper. This one starring our favorite Lego drummer. Duh Duh Dah… Duh Duh Dah, Dah Du Dah Dah Du Dah…

Once again, wallpapers are the best of the best, and are available in *NEW* widescreen. Then to make it even better, there are no watermarks!

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