The Lego Batman Movie Soundtrack – Who’s The (Bat)Man

The Lego Batman Movie Soundtrack, Who's The Batman

The Lego Batman Movie has an amazing soundtrack. Make sure to listen to the films main single, it sums up the character from the film extremely well. “Who’s The (Bat)Man” is written and performed by Patrick Stump of the band Fall Out Boy. The song has a way of staying in your brain long after listening to it. “I’m 100% not Bruce Wayne!”

The other title track from the movie is “Friends Are Family,” with Jeff Lewis and Will Arnett. This is a more typical/expected pop song from the film, and it feels like it could fit right in with The Lego Movie.

The Lego Movie Honest Trailer (with Epic Rap Battles of History – Nice Peter & EpicLLOYD)

Honest Trailers The Lego Movie

They fine people from Screen Junkies have just released an Honest Trailers for The Lego Movie. Full of awesome puns, jokes, and snark. They really got into this one. The video features a full parody of the Academy Award nominated song Everything is Awesome titled Everything’s a Product, sung by Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD from Epic Rap Battles of History. Make sure to check out the full video, and afterwords go buy some Lego.