Roller Skate With Veron Zapper, A Lego Figure

Roller Skate With Veron Zapper, A Lego Figure

This is Veron Zapper, a Lego figure built by Eero Okkonen. Veron is an “urban speeder contest enthustiast” (a reference to a previous Lego build) who loves to roller skate. The idea is that the roller skate is attached to the boots. Above the wheels are some shocks before it gets to the foot part. The boombox is a great accessory that brings personality, and a lot of posing options to the figure. The box uses a Lego chain, and some Lego Dimensions bases. The whole figure is a great example of combining Lego system, with Bionicle, and other miscellaneous parts. A great feature about Veron Zapper is just how many poses you can put the figure in. There is a full range of motion in all the expected places. A few that are not as obvious is that the fingers all move individually, and the wrists can swivel. The best detail are the pair of Ninja Turtle shells being used for elbow pads!

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A Lego Walkman And An Awesome Mix

A Lego Walkman And An Awesome Mix, Sony TPS-L2

Grab your Awesome Mix cassette tape, a few batteries, and don’t forget your Walkman. It’s time to go on an adventure, and maybe save the galaxy. This is the Lego Walkman, specifically the Sony TPS-L2 Walkman, built by H.Y. Leung. The iconic blue, silver, and orange portable cassette player was first released in 1979. This Lego version has the clear window, all the various buttons and sliders, and even the duel headphone ports. The orange foam headphone covers stand out, a very hard shape to make with Lego. A smooth flatish oval with no studs showing. The only thing not Lego here is the headphone cord. The whole build even come with two different cassette tapes. Featuring the Awesome Mix Vol. 1 from Guardians fo the Galaxy, and a blank tape ready to record whatever. Both can be inserted and removed from the Lego Walkman.

A Lego Walkman And An Awesome Mix, Sony TPS-L2, Awesome Mix Tapes

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