Go Ink With These Splatoon Lego Figures

Go Ink With These Splatoon Lego Figures, Lego MOC

The Inklings are the coolest squids around. Their street style mixed with their talent to ink everything in sight makes them some of the most memorable video game characters. By far the best new series from Nintendo in the past decade. A Splatoon Lego theme would look great. These Lego Inklings are created by Lego 7. The figures come equipped with their own specialized weapon/tool, a Splattershot, a Splat Roller, and a Splatterscope. Each item is instantly recognizable and they are even color coordinated with their Inkling. The Lego figures are able to be displayed in a variety of poses, achieved by a variety of small clips. Some of the coolest features include the brick built headphones, the ink tanks on their backs, and their eye design. Each figure also comes with a display base. There is even a Splatoon Squid swimming up the side of the tallest column. Then there is the variety of stickers that do a great job representing the graffiti/stickers all over each level.

Splatoon Inklings Lego Figures

Make sure to check out all the photos and see all the neat details from this Splatoon Lego MOC over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lego7/47581403261/

Doctor Novae Fame — Lego Figure

Doctor Novae Fame — Lego Figure

This is Doctor Novae Fame a Lego figure created by Ivan Martynov. Novae is a natural philosopher of House Pestilence. It is always great to get a little bit of backstory about original characters. This Lego figure is a very interesting collection of pieces. A Minifigure cape is used to create the hood, and two more make up the jacket/robe. A rubber band is used for a belt, which is essential for holding various medicines. A gold ring is used as a bracelet which connects to the clips uses for arms/hands. The headdress uses a rare Roborider disk flipped around (avoids the printed design on the other side). You can even find a custom/non-official shotgun built into the staff.

You can see more, and find more details about this Doctor Novae Fame over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brick_heretic/50061642688/

Aurora’s Speeder Bike — Lego Figure Build

Aurora's Speeder Bike — Lego Figure Build, Hurricane III

Aurora Sievert is one of the top speeder bike pilots around. Her speeder is the Hurricane III. Known for its minimal design which makes it super fast, although not the safest vehicle. This Lego Figure is created by Eero Okkonen, and called “Aurora Sievert and Hurricane III.” The figure was built first and the end result ended up with a lot of style. The blue and yellow color theme looks great with the red and orange highlights. The design for Aurora was inspired by a Lego windshield and solar panel which would become her shirt. The figure has a bunch of interesting stuff incorporated into it, you can find Lego tires used for ankles, blue and yellow flame pieces make great hair, and a pair of Lego Minifigure hands for eyes. The Hurricane was built afterwards to match Aurora’s design. The speeder bike was inspired by the film, Laputa. Some of the pieces are from the themes Aquazone, Ninjago, and Fabuland. This speeder does not look easy to fly, so a complex weave of hoses and tubes hold Aurora for safety.

Aurora's Speeder Bike — Lego Figure Build MOC

You can read a lot more about “Aurora Sievert and Hurricane III” and find a lot more photos over here: http://cyclopicbricks.blogspot.com/2020/05/aurora-sievert-and-hurricane-iii.html

Digging For Iron In The DSN Mine

Digging For Iron In The DSN Mine - Lego MOC

The DSN is digging for Iron ore in this Lego Mine created by General Hughes. The Iron Mine is also known as the Jean Douglas Memorial Base inside the DSN. This build is a part of the Decisive Action 4, a collection of Lego MOCs that are creating a fictional world. The whole scene fits in a 20×20 stud base, but expands way up, 3 feet up! In the lower most level is the Ore Transport system responsible for transporting the minerals from tunnel to tunnel. The green LED lighting looks really great here, and helps to highlight the stone/cave design. On the second level is the main mining operation. The green lights being used again to highlight the giant drilling system. The third level reveals that the iron ore is being transported via rockets. The red LEDs help to differentiate this man made level from the lower green lit caves. Finally on the surface you can find the rocket being loaded up with ore from below. A perspective built micro city can be found on the hills, and a brick built background reveals other rockets blasting off.

Digging For Iron In The DSN Mine - Lego MOC Details

You can find a lot more information and lore about this Lego DSN Mine over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/188436807@N05/50017934347/

Donald And Daisy Duck Lego Figures

Donald Duck Lego Figures

These Lego Figures of Donald Duck and Daisy Duck (唐老鴨與黛西) are created by Lee Nuo. These brick built figures are very close to Brickheadz in scale, the heads are smaller but the bodies are a bit taller. They also feature super short arms, and longer legs. The limited amount of bricks forces you to get creative with what you have. The 1×1 white clips/connectors being used for arms works surprisingly well. A couple of other fun details include the 1×1 red clip representing a bow tie, and the 1×1 white clip/connector on Donald Duck looks like hair. Those clips certainly get a lot of use here. The hats are also great mini builds, and are instantly recognizable on their characters. A great achievement for only 5-10 Lego bricks each.

Daisy Duck Lego Figures

You can find more of these Donald and Daisy Duck Lego Figures over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lee_nuo/50040476111/

Donald And Daisy Duck Lego Figures

Lego Ultraman Will Save The World

Lego Ultraman Will Save The World

Ultraman is a character from the Ultra Series, a collection of TV shows, films, and video games. One of the first giant monster fighting series from Japan. This Lego Ultraman (ウルトラマン) is created by Moko. The figure has a lot of interesting features, and is a deceptively complicated build. Ultraman has been built in parts, kind of like a bunch of mini builds, and then assembled at the end. This type of design means that each part looks complete, and every angle that you can view of the figure looks good. Ultraman is fully posable, and features a full set of articulation points. The head can move side to side, up and down, and swivel. The torso can turn side to side, while the arms move at the elbow and feature a neat double jointed shoulder. There are also joints in the wrists, fingers, pelvis, knees, and ankles. All of that means that this Ultraman can be displayed any way you can think. Make sure to check out the video below to see how it all works.

Lego Ultraman Will Save The World, Hero Pose

This Lego Ultraman (ウルトラマン), built by Moko can be found over here: http://blog.livedoor.jp/legolego05/archives/53173782.html

There is also a neat video showing how the figure has been built, and how everything works, check it out below or over here: https://youtu.be/UnbSMYVaS_E

Roller Skate With Veron Zapper, A Lego Figure

Roller Skate With Veron Zapper, A Lego Figure

This is Veron Zapper, a Lego figure built by Eero Okkonen. Veron is an “urban speeder contest enthustiast” (a reference to a previous Lego build) who loves to roller skate. The idea is that the roller skate is attached to the boots. Above the wheels are some shocks before it gets to the foot part. The boombox is a great accessory that brings personality, and a lot of posing options to the figure. The box uses a Lego chain, and some Lego Dimensions bases. The whole figure is a great example of combining Lego system, with Bionicle, and other miscellaneous parts. A great feature about Veron Zapper is just how many poses you can put the figure in. There is a full range of motion in all the expected places. A few that are not as obvious is that the fingers all move individually, and the wrists can swivel. The best detail are the pair of Ninja Turtle shells being used for elbow pads!

You can find a lot more information, and view a lot more photos of Veron Zapper over here: http://cyclopicbricks.blogspot.com/2020/06/veron-zapper-heartened-by-mayfly.html

Haku, Chihiro, And No-face — Spirited Away Lego Figures

Haku, Chihiro, and No-face — Spirited Away Lego Figures

This collection of Spirited Away Lego figures is created by Dylan Lane. Featuring the main characters; there is Haku, Chihiro, and No-face. All three of them are in scale to each other, and are easily recognizable. A hard achievement seeing that there is such little room for detail. This version of Haku is his human form, before he knows his real name. Chihiro is in her normal cloths. While No-face is in his much more friendly timid form. A few of the details that work well include the 2×2 black dish for Haku’s hair, the 1×2 grill brick for Chihiro’s hair, and the white rounds pieces on the 2×1 slope used for socks! If No-face offers you any gold do not take it.

You can find more information about this Spirited Away Lego build over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/144101043@N06/49950049698/

A Cute Lego Toothless

A Cute Lego Toothless

This Lego build of Toothless is created by CheeseyStudios. The designer noticed they had a lot of black pieces in their collection and set on a project to create something with them. The settled on a creature and from there built the famous dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon films. This version is based on the younger appearance of Toothless. The build took almost two years to finish. There are some surprising details in here. You can see that the tail is made out of a bunch of Lego tires. A bunch of tubes, hoses, insect parts, and Bionicle plates can be found in the face. There is even the forked tongue. But, most impressive are the giant brick built wings. They are at least thirty studs tall. This build is bigger than it looks, there are a lot of pieces in those feet. Now imagine if this was the bigger, 30 year old Toothless.

You can find more about this Lego Toothless over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cheeseystudios/49952106483/

Spyro The Dragon Lego Build

Spyro The Dragon Lego Build

The Spyro the Dragon video game was first released in 1998 on the Playstation. One of the best platformers of that generation, and often found on demo discs. Recently Spyro has seen a resurgence in popularity with the remake of original trilogy of games called Spyro Reignited. The little purple dragon is unbelievably cute. This Spyro the Dragon Lego build is created by Marin Stipkovic. Usually a Lego model has to be less detailed than its inspiration. But in this case, the model is more detailed and less blocky than the Playstation original. Spyro has a full range of motion, with fully posable feet, wings, mouth, and tail. The horns being built with Technic pieces is a great solution, and the brick built wings look great.

You can find more of this Lego Spyro the Dragon over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/marinstipkovic/49923556007/