Go Ink With These Splatoon Lego Figures

Go Ink With These Splatoon Lego Figures, Lego MOC

The Inklings are the coolest squids around. Their street style mixed with their talent to ink everything in sight makes them some of the most memorable video game characters. By far the best new series from Nintendo in the past decade. A Splatoon Lego theme would look great. These Lego Inklings are created by Lego 7. The figures come equipped with their own specialized weapon/tool, a Splattershot, a Splat Roller, and a Splatterscope. Each item is instantly recognizable and they are even color coordinated with their Inkling. The Lego figures are able to be displayed in a variety of poses, achieved by a variety of small clips. Some of the coolest features include the brick built headphones, the ink tanks on their backs, and their eye design. Each figure also comes with a display base. There is even a Splatoon Squid swimming up the side of the tallest column. Then there is the variety of stickers that do a great job representing the graffiti/stickers all over each level.

Splatoon Inklings Lego Figures

Make sure to check out all the photos and see all the neat details from this Splatoon Lego MOC over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lego7/47581403261/

The Lego Splat Friends

The Lego Splat Friends

The Lego Splat Friends are the creation of Inthert. This super cute duo is ready to brighten your day. These new splat styled gears started to appear in 2019. Their friendly round shape makes them perfect for a lot of different applications. Perhaps the simplest use is in these Splat Friends. A few Minifigure ratchet tools, some 1×1 clips, and some printed eyes is all you need. These two were created as an experiment for the 2019 Parts Fest at New Elementary. Although they look very flat in photos, it looks like their is a bit more depth to them than expected. Maybe 3-4 plates deep. No matter what, these two Friends certainly leave a great impression.

Check out more information about the Lego Splat Friends over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/inthert/48792519511/