Haku, Chihiro, And No-face — Spirited Away Lego Figures

Haku, Chihiro, and No-face — Spirited Away Lego Figures

This collection of Spirited Away Lego figures is created by Dylan Lane. Featuring the main characters; there is Haku, Chihiro, and No-face. All three of them are in scale to each other, and are easily recognizable. A hard achievement seeing that there is such little room for detail. This version of Haku is his human form, before he knows his real name. Chihiro is in her normal cloths. While No-face is in his much more friendly timid form. A few of the details that work well include the 2×2 black dish for Haku’s hair, the 1×2 grill brick for Chihiro’s hair, and the white rounds pieces on the 2×1 slope used for socks! If No-face offers you any gold do not take it.

You can find more information about this Spirited Away Lego build over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/144101043@N06/49950049698/