Which House Are You In At Lego Hogwarts?

Which House Are You In At Lego Hogwarts

The students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are split into four different houses. Which house would you be? There are the brave Gryffindors, the loyal Hufflepuffs, the intelligent Ravenclaws, and the ambitious Slytherins. Some houses might be more evil than others. This Lego MOC of the Hogwarts Crest is created by CheeseyStudios. Each quadrant of the crest represents each house. There are four animals which on their own are great Lego mini builds. The lion, snake, eagle, and the badger. The crest features the initial H, in this scale it is rare to see lettering with serifs. Usually there is only enough room for sans. It is easy to imagine what house you would fit in best (for some reason I think there would be a lot of Gryffindors), but a magical hat gets to choose for you.

You can see more of this Harry Potter themed Hogwarts Crest over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cheeseystudios/49883962323/

A Lego Caffeine Science Lesson

A Lego Caffeine Science Lesson

This is the skeletal formula for caffeine, completely made out of Lego. “Caffeine” is created by Miro Dudas as an entry into the 2nd round of Iron Builders. The challenge this time is to use the wrench and hammer pieces in unique ways. The skeletal formula is where you will find all these pieces, specifically in the covalent bonds. A bunch of blue spaceman Minifigure helmets, and round Lego balls make up the individual molecules (correct me if I am wrong). It would tough to get all of these elements in the correct places, and here it has been achieved well. This Lego MOC also features a cup of coffee (humanities preferred source of the drug), which is probably the inspiration of this build.

For more information you can check out “Caffeine,” created by Miro Dudas over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/miro78/49852922072/

You Can Rock And Roll After Homework

You Can Rock And Roll After Homework, Lego MOC

Studying for school, doing homework, these things go by a lot quicker with some good music. “The Rock & Roll Dream” is a Lego MOC created by DOGOD Brick Design. Inspired by their own experience of finishing their studies before rocking out. This build has a few really nice details. The lion figure is a great design. The bushy beard works well with the different browns. The hands are especially well done. It is hard to fit all five fingers on a hand when building with Lego, but here just one or two fingers are represented per hand, giving the impression of more. The desk is well made, the bars and small joints combine well to give the impression of metal legs. On top of the desk an old CD player is hooked up to a pair of headphones. The headphones are perfect. The Lego tires for ear cups, and the droid arms combine well. The huge guitar in the background features strings made out of Lego grates, and good flowing curves. When the studies have been completed the reward of rock and roll will be all the sweeter.

Rock And Roll Homework, Desk Details, Lego MOC

Check out the “The Rock & Roll Dream” by DOGOD Brick Design over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ianhoy/49770201637/

These Learning Lego Bookends Hold Knowledge

Deborah Higdon's Lego Bookends

You can put your Lego creations to good use by making them into bookends. Check out these Lego bookends by Deborah Higdon. The theme is “learning,” which is very appropriate. Each side features a vignette of learning. The left bookend is an old time schoolroom, complete with wood burning oven. The map hanging over the desks uses some rubber bands to help give a more realistic appearance, mimicking the coast lines. There is also a brick built mosaic of a mountains landscape, and the desks even recreate that old iron detailing. On the other side of the books, is the right bookend. This scene is of a dorm room. A completely different habitat compared to the schoolroom. Here many life lessons can be learned. The room features an unmade messy bed, a dead desk plant, a laptop, and many many expensive textbooks.

Deborah Higdon's Lego Bookends Deborah Higdon's Lego Bookends Drom

Check out these Lego Bookends by Deborah Higdon here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/buildingsblockd/19177089656/