A Lego Fender Rhodes And Wurlitzer Electric Piano

A Lego Fender Rhodes And Wurlitzer Electric Piano

Ark Builds has recreated their Music Studio in Lego. The main attraction is the Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer Electric Pianos. These two pianos are amazingly accurate for the scale they have been built in. The Fender Rhodes Piano features a sleek case, the left side controls, and its folding legs. The Wurlitzer Piano features its center controls, and sheet music holder. Both of these are based on their portable versions. Also included are two studio speakers, a piano bench, foot pedal, microphone, and a potted plant. The rope wrapped around the microphone is an especially nice detail. The feet holding up the plant look great too! This Lego Music Studio would make any person (and Minifigure!) excited to play some music.

A Lego Fender Rhodes Electric Piano

You can find more photos, and more details about this Lego Fender Rhodes Electric Piano and Lego Wurlitzer Electric Piano over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/28297306@N08/49986171872/

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