Lego Indiana Jones / The Office of Professor Jones at Barnett College

PuCCi0's Lego Indiana Jones, Professor Jones' Office at Barnett College

Indiana Jones is a professor at the fictional Barnett College, located in Fairfield, New York. It is here that he is a professor of archaeology. Professor Jones is known to be very popular with his female students. Almost too popular. The creator of this great MOC is known on Flickr as PuCCi0. Here, PuCCio, has imagined and built Indiana Jones’ private artifact collection. There are a lot of tiny details, such as a snake, skull and crossbones, Thor’s hammer, and even a Stormtrooper helmet. A whole lot of these details have been hidden in the office clutter. It is hard to imagine if Indy can finish any work during office hours. This is probably why he is often out on location (Temple of Doom!).

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