Count Dooku’s Castle Lego Build

Count Dooku's Castle Lego Build

In Star Wars, Count Dooku (or Darth Tyranus) is a major character in Episodes II and III. You know Dooku is an important person, he has palace and a castle. The palace has been a setting for multiple Clone Wars episodes but the relatively obscure castle has mainly been featured in the comic books. This Lego version of Count Dooku’s Castle is created by soccerkid6. Built as an entry into Vignweek, a vignette building challenge. The scene features a towering castle set against the landscape of Kohlma, the Moon of Dread. A micro build of Slave I can be found flying over the rocky landscape. The tall spires and domes fit perfectly in the Star Wars venacular. A lot of the circular spires are built up with Lego wheel rim pieces. A great way to vary the patterns and appearance of the castle.

You can find more information about this Count Dooku’s Castle over here:

Ambush At The Sith Temple – The Old Republic Lego

Ambush At The Sith Temple - The Old Republic Lego

The Old Republic is a part of Star Wars that is often overlooked. This time period is currently being explored in the MMO video game. The setting of which takes place thousands of years before the Star Wars films. BobDeQuatre has created a Lego MOC based on the Old Republic called “Ambush at the old Sith temple on Takodana.” The planet Takodana has recently been seen in the Force Awakens. In this scene the forest type planet is the location of a hidden Sith temple. A neat detail with this build is the lighting built into the Lightsabers. Specifically they are the Lightailing brand LED lightsabers, which look great. Featuring Minifigures of Nidara Ludimi, Darth Severus, Nell Catagaan, and Grayman. There is a whole backstory for these characters that BobDeQuatre has posted with these photos. Who will win, probably the good guys!

Ambush At The Sith Temple - The Old Republic Lego Details

You can find more details and story about this Lego MOC set in the Old Republic over here:

Kill him. Kill him now. – A Lego Star Wars MOC

Cecilia Fritzvold Lego Star Wars Kill Him

“Kill him. Kill him now.” A famous line from one of the most memorable scenes from Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. Cecilia Fritzvold has faithfully recreated this moment in Lego. There are a lot of great details here, but the most impressive is the background. Full of tiny spaceships battling it out. The forced perspective works extremely well.

“I initially tried to include a larger area of the room in my build, as I wanted to include at least the bottom part of the stairs they walk down, and leave some more space for Obi-Wan, but I had to cut it down a bit as I couldn’t fit it all on 32×32. It was also very important to me from the start to be able to show the battle going on outside with the use of some micro spaceships, so I had to leave some room for those behind the windows.”

Find more of this Lego Star Wars MOC over on Flickr:

NOOO! : Imperium Der Steine, Star Wars Lego MOColympics

markus19840420's Imperium Der Steine Star Wars MOColympics 2


George Lucas set out to create a prequel to his most famous trilogy, and the crowning achievement of his work is embodied in this Revenge of the Sith scene. Who will forget the moment when it is revealed that Palpatine has turned Anakin Skywalker into Frankenstein (Darth Vader). NOOO, indeed.

This iconic scene has been recreated in super detail by markus19840420. Featuring a circular design, and some amazing greebling. It is easy to say that this Lego version has surpassed the quality of the original.

Imperium Der Steine, built by markus19840420, can be viewed on Flickr:

markus19840420's Imperium Der Steine Star Wars MOColympics

Star Wars Jedi Defender-class Cruiser (75025) Announced

GRogall’s Photos: Star Wars Jedi Defender Class Cruiser The Old Republic

The newest Lego Star Wars set has been announced, and it is the Jedi Defender-class Cruiser (75025) from Bioware’s Star Wars the Old Republic. Every time I see a new set released from Lego based on The Old Republic it makes me smile. This is a set based on a video game, from the extended universe, ultimately based on the original films.

The Jedi Defender-class Cruiser comes with 4 minifigs, 3 of which are all new. 2 of the 4 happen to be Jedi’s, so thats great, and of course the obligatory Sith to fight with. The new spaceship comes with 937 pieces, and is rumored to be priced around $100. If so, that would make this a pretty good deal for a Star Wars set. The set should be out soonish, so if you cannot wait, just log in to The Old Republic and admire the Cruiser in all its digital glory.

Thanks to GRogall of Eurobricks for breaking the news on this new set, for more photos go here:

GRogall’s Photos: Star Wars Jedi Defender Class Cruiser The Old Republic Detail