The Sandstorm IV — A Lego Mech

The Sandstorm IV — A Lego Mech

This is the Sandstorm IV, a Lego Mech created by Joe. This deadly robot has been optimized for dry climates and deserts. A wide stance, and large feet help it move in the shifting sands. With a yellow and white paint job that helps it to blend into its surroundings. The contrast between the white and dark parts means that it can be hard to see the pilot. They are present and ready for battle. This is a really interesting Lego Mech. The overall design looks very sleek. It features a mechanical look with some excellent greebling. The few extra hoses and vent / grill pieces help make this look more believable. Although its feet help it stand, the spindly joints in the hips and knees means that it needs a little bit of support.

For more information you can find the Sandstorm IV over here:

Chapter 5: The Gunslinger, A Lego Mandalorian MOC

Chapter 5: The Gunslinger, A Lego Mandalorian MOC

“Chapter 5: The Gunslinger” is another entry in the Lego Mandalorian series created by ctr_bricks. This time around we are on the most famous of Star Wars planets, Tatooine. Which just happens to be one of ctr_bricks favorite locations. The desert sand of this Lego MOC is spilling over its display base. A great effect. This time around there are four Minifigures featured: the Mandalorian, Toro Calican, and two different Tusken. Toro Calican uses a rubber band to represent a bandana/mask. Toro is trying to trade with the Tuskens and their Bantha. The lumbering beast is actually brick built with a variety of odd pieces. Brown Lego vines, whips, and droid arms are all used to great effect. Even tan radar dishes are being used as giant lips.

Chapter 5: The Gunslinger, A Lego Mandalorian MOC Minifigures

Check out the Lego MOC “Chapter 5: The Gunslinger” over here:

You can also find other Mandalorian Lego stuff, including Baby Yoda over here:

“Brick Patrol I” by Peter Fendrik, Lego Star Wars 3D Art

PeterFendrik's Brick Patrol 3D Lego Star Wars by Peter Fendrik

There are a couple of (internet) famous art pieces done involving Lego. One of those is “Brick Patrol I” by Peter Fendrik. This 3D Lego Star Wars render is almost perfect. The composition works well, the depth of field is great, and the color are vibrant. This is how everyone imagines their Lego bricks while building. What really makes this are the two Lego built planets in the background. These Lego Stormtroopers make a perfect desktop background.

Peter Fendrik’s amazing 3D art portfolio can be found here: