Video Game Or Lego? – The Last Of Us Lego MOC

Tim Schwalfenberg The Last Of Us Lego

You can build anything out of Lego. Even huge dioramas based on zombie/apocalypse video games. Such as this MOC which is based on the The Last of Us. The game is easily one of the best of the last decade, and a sequel has recently been announced. The ruined buildings have been detailed down to the smallest piece. The whole creation is 3 1/2 feet wide, and 2 feet deep. It uses thousands and thousand of bricks. Interestingly enough, it sounds like one of the buildings here is made up of custom 3D printed bricks. Can you guess which one?

The buildings contain some incredible work creating the rundown walls of the buildings. A few of the techniques used can be seen over here. The Lego buildings even have plants and vines growing out of them. The whole overgrown feeling captures the game exactly. You can find some other details too: a ruined bus, a military vehicle, and even Minifigures of Ellie and Joel.

An interesting detail are the broken windows. Each building has a different way of creating these. There are stacked 1×2 clear bricks, overlapping multiple small Lego windows, unevenly stacked windows, and a combination of the other three.

Tim Schwalfenberg The Last Of Us Lego Detail

The Last Of Us Lego Interiors.

“It was a challenge to create rundown interiors where furniture and other fixtures were still identifiable, but I think they turned out well.” — Tim Schwalfenberg

Each building contains fully customized and detailed interiors. Each floor is different which means there are a lot of hidden features in these buildings. A few of the scenes created contain ruined toilets, rundown kitchens, pillaged stores, and broken bars.

The only thing missing is a pack of Clickers, crazy Militias, or some Fireflies.

Tim Schwalfenberg The Last Of Us Lego 01 Tim Schwalfenberg The Last Of Us Lego 02

More info about The Last of Us Lego MOC, by Tim Schwalfenberg, can be found here:

Everything is Awesome! – Music Video by Tegan and Sara, and The Lonely Island.

The Lego Movie, Everything Is Awesome

Everything is Awesome is the featured song from The Lego Movie. This upbeat tune is performed by Tegan and Sara and features The Lonely Island. Check out the official music video. If you are looking to download the song, check it out on Amazon: Everything Is Awesome!!! (Feat. The Lonely Island)

Official Bloopers from The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie Official Bloopers

If you can’t get enough of The Lego Movie then check out these great animated Bloopers. These mostly feature Emmet and Batman, proving that they can get along after all. These Official Bloopers are actually a “clip,” so keep an eye out for more being released in the future. I’m sure Benny and Wyldstyle have something to share…

The Lego Movie Official Bloopers (2014) on YouTube

The Making of The Lego Movie; A Spoiler Free, Behind the Scenes Video

The Making of The Lego Movie; A Spoiler Free, Behind the Scenes Video

The Lego movie is awesome! And now you can see just how much work went into that awesome. This 7 minute behind the scenes look into the making of the Lego Movie is almost completely spoiler free. The animation studio, Animal Logic, put a whole lot of love into this project. Starting from Lego sets, they built and familiarized themselves with Lego. Then built concept models that were then digitized with what looks like the Lego Digital Designer (LDD).  They then animated these models in the software. All of this took years of work, which paid off!

It looks like the video below is actually a cut of version of an fxguide article. The embedded version below mostly removed the interview portions. If you want to see the full version you can read the article, Brick-by-brick: how Animal Logic crafted The LEGO Movie, here: and download the full 30 minute video, fxguidetv #186: The LEGO Movie, here:

Making of The Lego Movie by CGMeetup

YouTube link:

Na Na Na Na BA NA NA BATMAN! – Lego Despicable Me Batman Minion

JesperGirl's Lego Despicable Me Batman Minion

“Na Na Na Na BA NA NA BATMAN…. …POW!!!”

There is something enduring about the multitudes of Lego Despicable Me Minions. All sort of builds have popped up everywhere. One thing they all have in common is personality. For some reason the pill shape body and giant facial features of the Minions translates into Lego very well. Jesper_Girl, of Flickr, has recently shared their own Batman Minion; titled “Na Na Na Na BA NA NA BATMAN… …POW!!!” The basic design is built off of the Minions created by Bricksben. The Batman costume is excellent. Especially the Bat belt and cowl.

The Despicable Me Minions are some of the most popular posts on LegoGenre, so check them out here:

Check out this Batman Minion, by Jesper_Girl over on Flickr:

Lego Star Wars Relativity

Paul Vermeesch Lego Star Wars Relativity

M.C. Escher created one of the most memorable works of art in 1953, titled Relativity. Since then there have been hundreds of representations of this work by other artists. This Lego Star Wars version of Relativity is the work of Paul Vermeesch. He has created this gravity defying and perspective distorting work completely out of Lego. It is completely seamless and the SNOT techniques used here are flawless. In fact, I don’t think there is one errant stud present. Lego Star Wars Relativity sums up the original Trilogy in roughly six scenes. The puzzling nature of this is amazing.

Paul Vermeesch Lego Star Wars Relativity Detail

Go check out Star Wars Relativity here:

“It’s-a me Mario!” – A Super Mario 64 Lego Bob-omb Battlefield

PepaQuin's Super Mario 64 Lego Bob-omb Battlefield

Nintendo wowed the world with the release of Super Mario 64. Defining the genre for 3D platform video games. The very first “level” is the Bob-omb Battlefield. It can be accessed by jumping into the first painting in Princess Peach’s Castle. Featuring a grassy hill with a dry refine that Mario must traverse in order to defeat the boss, “Big Bob-omb.” The Battlefield has many memorable moments, the canon transportation system, the scary Chain Chomp tied up in the center, the boulder chase up the hill, and even a floating island.

PepaQuin's Lego Super Mario 64 Bob-omb Battlefield Mario

All of these details are present in Pepa Quin’s Bob-omb Battlefield. Amazingly, the relatively simple polygon based graphics make the translation into Lego surprisingly well. Although simple looking this is actually a very complicated build. Getting the Lego bricks and plates to fit into the desired angles and looking correct is very difficult. The details are so well done that you may not even notice that the scale of the Bob-omb Battlefield has been reduced.

PepaQuin's Lego Super Mario 64 Bob-omb Battlefield Coins

The Battlefield is littered with Mario’s trademarked enemies. All of which are looking good in Lego. The Chain Chomp and Goombas are oozing charm. Their spherical shape is usually difficult to capture in Lego, but here it has been accomplished. Just look at those Goombas…

PepaQuin's Super Mario 64 Lego Bob-ombBattlefield BossPepaQuin's Super Mario 64 Lego Bob-ombBattlefield Chain Chomp

PepaQuin's Super Mario 64 Lego Bob-ombBattlefield Chain Goombas

Check out Pepa Quin’s Lego Bob-omb Battlefield on Flickr:

Everything is awesome in the Lego Movie, Behind the Bricks video!

The Lego Movie Behind The Bricks

Lego and Roadshow Films recently shared a behind the scenes look at the new Lego Movie. Titled “Behind the Bricks’ this video is an amusingly animated look at the drama behind the upcoming film. These videos are always impressive because the amount of work it takes to animate a full 4 minutes of video must be insane. Everything about this movie just keeps getting better. Now I’m off to make my own Space Dog and Space Cat…

You can read more about The Lego Movie here:

A Lego Minion Maid Named Phil + More…

LegoAdmiral's Lego Minion Maid

Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 have proven to be extremely popular. This is mainly do to the little Minion character. The little Minions appear to be stupid (although some seem to geniuses) but full of personality. Even with these limitations they find themselves in a variety of situations where they end up ruining an experiment, or getting hurt. Even so, they might one day end up saving the planet.

Lego Admiral, from Flickr, has created a smorgasbord of Lego Minions. The newest is “Minion Maid – Phil” and features a little Minion dressed up as a maid, complete with a vacuum cleaner. Take a good look at the vacuum, because it is genius. The shape of it is spot on, and best of all it is built with relatively few bricks. The Lego Minion design is based on 3D sphere building techniques. This gives the Minions a very rotund appearance. Lego Admiral has created 3 basic body types that can be mixed and matched with varying hair and eye combinations. This semi-modular design means that these can quickly multiply into a full blow Minion army.

LegoAdmiral's Lego Minions

These Minions even have their own Lego CUUSOO page: Each one can be built with 220-250 Lego bricks. Meaning that they are not overly complicated or cost prohibitive.

LegoAdmiral's Lego Minions Multiplying

Check out these Minions over on Flickr:


Despicable Me Minions are popular, and you can view more here:

“Brick Patrol I” by Peter Fendrik, Lego Star Wars 3D Art

PeterFendrik's Brick Patrol 3D Lego Star Wars by Peter Fendrik

There are a couple of (internet) famous art pieces done involving Lego. One of those is “Brick Patrol I” by Peter Fendrik. This 3D Lego Star Wars render is almost perfect. The composition works well, the depth of field is great, and the color are vibrant. This is how everyone imagines their Lego bricks while building. What really makes this are the two Lego built planets in the background. These Lego Stormtroopers make a perfect desktop background.

Peter Fendrik’s amazing 3D art portfolio can be found here: