New Lego Minions Theme, Ready To Invent In April

Lego Minions Theme 75551 Brick Built Minions And Their Lair

Lego Minions are one of the most popular themes for MOCs. Almost everybody seems to like them, and there are a million different ways to build them. So it is no surprise that Lego has officially announced a new Lego Minions Theme. Five sets were revealed at the 2020 New York Toy Fair. The biggest set (and coolest) revealed is 75551 Brick-built Minions and their Lair. It features two substantial brick built minions, Kevin and Stuart. They look great on their own, but they also come with 3 Minion Figures/Minifigures. They also mention that you can rebuild Kevin into Bob, but exactly what is going on is unclear in the photos.

The surprise with this set is that the giant Minions can open up to reveal their hidden lairs/rooms. Kevin opens up into a tall laboratory. Perfect for inventing crazy stuff. While Stuart opens up into a bedroom. Full of toys and games. The new sets also feature Instructions PLUS, a new interactive set of building instructions for your phone and tablet.

Lego Minions Brick Built Minions And Their Lair 75551 Inside Details

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Lego Minions! Minions! Minions!

Yatkuu's Lego Minions! Party

Feeling like the wait is way too long for another Despicable Me? Thats okay, because the Lego community has been creating a whole lot of Lego Minions. There are Minions Parties, Mini Minions, Minion Maids, Batman Minions, and many many more. LegoGenre even has a whole section of these creations. The newest entry into the series is this collection of Minions! created by Yatkuu. My favorite of the bunch are the SuperHero themed Minions. Captain America and Batman Minion are instantly recognizable and hilarious. These little dudes have an interesting story:

“This series of Minions was inspired by my Nerdly-Minion and started as a project for the LEGO Store community window in Raleigh, NC. I meant to put these up on display for the release of the movie “Minions” due in July 15. I think the kids would have liked it. 

Unfortunately, for reasons that I can’t really comprehend TLG decided to revisit the rules of the community windows and as a result these little guys will probably never see a LEGO store from up-close. Too bad.”

Yatkuu has been kind enough to post instructions for these guys, which you can find over on BrickFanatics:

Yatkuu's Lego Minions Evil Yatkuu's Lego Minions Nerd Yatkuu's Lego Super Minions!

Check out these Lego Despicable Me Minions! over on Flickr:

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Papoy Lego Minion?

Oliver Kude's Lego Minion Papoy

Lego Minions are still going strong. There are so many of these things, and each one is different. This little dude was designed by Oliver Kude and features a great open smile and stumpy little legs. I could probably see a hundred more of these things and still enjoy them. Did you know that the Despicable Me Minions have their own language? It is actually a combination of various earthly languages into a kind of recognizable gibberish. For instance “Kanpai” is “cheers,” “Pwede na?” means “can we start,” “Gelato” means “ice cream,” and “Papoy” means “a toy.”

Oliver Kude's Lego Minion Papoy Butt

You can see this Lego Minion, by Oliver Kude, over on Flickr:

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Na Na Na Na BA NA NA BATMAN! – Lego Despicable Me Batman Minion

JesperGirl's Lego Despicable Me Batman Minion

“Na Na Na Na BA NA NA BATMAN…. …POW!!!”

There is something enduring about the multitudes of Lego Despicable Me Minions. All sort of builds have popped up everywhere. One thing they all have in common is personality. For some reason the pill shape body and giant facial features of the Minions translates into Lego very well. Jesper_Girl, of Flickr, has recently shared their own Batman Minion; titled “Na Na Na Na BA NA NA BATMAN… …POW!!!” The basic design is built off of the Minions created by Bricksben. The Batman costume is excellent. Especially the Bat belt and cowl.

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Check out this Batman Minion, by Jesper_Girl over on Flickr:

A Lego Minion Maid Named Phil + More…

LegoAdmiral's Lego Minion Maid

Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 have proven to be extremely popular. This is mainly do to the little Minion character. The little Minions appear to be stupid (although some seem to geniuses) but full of personality. Even with these limitations they find themselves in a variety of situations where they end up ruining an experiment, or getting hurt. Even so, they might one day end up saving the planet.

Lego Admiral, from Flickr, has created a smorgasbord of Lego Minions. The newest is “Minion Maid – Phil” and features a little Minion dressed up as a maid, complete with a vacuum cleaner. Take a good look at the vacuum, because it is genius. The shape of it is spot on, and best of all it is built with relatively few bricks. The Lego Minion design is based on 3D sphere building techniques. This gives the Minions a very rotund appearance. Lego Admiral has created 3 basic body types that can be mixed and matched with varying hair and eye combinations. This semi-modular design means that these can quickly multiply into a full blow Minion army.

LegoAdmiral's Lego Minions

These Minions even have their own Lego CUUSOO page: Each one can be built with 220-250 Lego bricks. Meaning that they are not overly complicated or cost prohibitive.

LegoAdmiral's Lego Minions Multiplying

Check out these Minions over on Flickr:


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Double Trouble with the Despicable Me Minions And Lego!

Miro78's Despicable Me Minions Double Trouble Rocket

Despicable Me 2 is almost out on DVD/Blu-ray which means that the Minions have been getting in trouble again. Double trouble. Look out, these two have been experimenting with rocketry. Double Trouble, is the creation of Miro78. These Minions look like they use more common Lego pieces then other models. The use of the old(ish) Lego smily brick is perfect, and the red slope is a great tongue. As usual these are a perfect fit with Lego, preserving the goofy Minion personality with a minimum of bricks.

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Miro78's Despicable Me Minions Double Trouble

Check out these Double Trouble Despicable Me Minions, by Miro78, over on Flickr:

Despicable Me Minion “BEE-DO. BEE-DO.”

CarMP's Lego Despicable Me Minion Bee Do

“Bee-Do. Bee-Do.”

Despicable Me Minions and Lego seem to go together like cheese and crackers. Case in point, the many, many other Despicable Me Minions in Lego. One of the most recognizable Minions is the little guy with the sirens on his head. The most perfect and worst fire alarm you could have. This little guy manages to combine a lot of the best Minion styles. A nice 3D body (which is a lot harder to build then you might think), a great expressive expression, and the perfect goggles. This Despicable Me Minion even manages to have posable fingers, and wonderful trans-red sirens on this head.

Check out this Despicable Me Minion, created by car_mp, over on Flickr:

Despicable Me Mini Minion

MaxPointner's Lego Despicable Me Mini Minion

There are many Lego Despicable Me Minions out there. Currently one of the most popular themes in Lego. Just like in the film, these Minions come in all shapes and sizes. The Mini Minion is one of the tiniest ones out there. Yet it manages to preserve the character and personality that these little creatures possess. Created with just six Lego pieces, you would be hard pressed to use less. A clip, hat, two hands, a Lego head, and binoculars (plus some string) is all you need.

Check out this Lego Despicable Me Minion, created by Max Pointner, over on Flickr:

Despicable Me Lego Minions by BricksBen

BricksBen's Despicable Me Lego Minion

There is just something about these Despicable Me Minions. They are cute, funny, and enduring. But, most importantly they are Lego. Lego Minions are quickly becoming a genre of Lego thats all their own. It helps that their goofy personality and silly charm translates into Lego perfectly. There are so many great Lego Minions out there. The newest has been designed by BricksBen and can be viewed over on Flickr. A great minion, with an inventive smile, tiny feet, and good volume.BricksBen's Despicable Me Lego Minions 02

Make sure to check out this Lego Minion over on Flickr. And, while your at it, check out BricksBen:

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Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 are available at Amazon.

Lego Despicable Me Minion Party

derjoe's Lego Despicable Me Minion Party

It looks like the Lego Despicable Me Minions are having a party, celebrating the release of their new film: Despicable Me 2! These goofy guys make for some great Lego MOC figures. Full of personality and charm, these Minions will be there when you need them. Just don’t expect them to successfully assemble that Ages 6+ Lego set. These Lego Minions are the creation of derjoe, and can be found over on Flickr. The use of the Lego Magnifying Glass is impeccable, and the eyes are decivingly clever (white Lego round plate with hole, and brown pneumatic tubing). These Minions sure have a lot of SNOT (Studs Not on Top) going on!

derjoe's Lego Despicable Me 2 Minions: Dark Purple

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