Papoy Lego Minion?

Oliver Kude's Lego Minion Papoy

Lego Minions are still going strong. There are so many of these things, and each one is different. This little dude was designed by Oliver Kude and features a great open smile and stumpy little legs. I could probably see a hundred more of these things and still enjoy them. Did you know that the Despicable Me Minions have their own language? It is actually a combination of various earthly languages into a kind of recognizable gibberish. For instance “Kanpai” is “cheers,” “Pwede na?” means “can we start,” “Gelato” means “ice cream,” and “Papoy” means “a toy.”

Oliver Kude's Lego Minion Papoy Butt

You can see this Lego Minion, by Oliver Kude, over on Flickr:

And you can see many more Minions over here:

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