Lego Minions! Minions! Minions!

Yatkuu's Lego Minions! Party

Feeling like the wait is way too long for another Despicable Me? Thats okay, because the Lego community has been creating a whole lot of Lego Minions. There are Minions Parties, Mini Minions, Minion Maids, Batman Minions, and many many more. LegoGenre even has a whole section of these creations. The newest entry into the series is this collection of Minions! created by Yatkuu. My favorite of the bunch are the SuperHero themed Minions. Captain America and Batman Minion are instantly recognizable and hilarious. These little dudes have an interesting story:

“This series of Minions was inspired by my Nerdly-Minion and started as a project for the LEGO Store community window in Raleigh, NC. I meant to put these up on display for the release of the movie “Minions” due in July 15. I think the kids would have liked it. 

Unfortunately, for reasons that I can’t really comprehend TLG decided to revisit the rules of the community windows and as a result these little guys will probably never see a LEGO store from up-close. Too bad.”

Yatkuu has been kind enough to post instructions for these guys, which you can find over on BrickFanatics:

Yatkuu's Lego Minions Evil Yatkuu's Lego Minions Nerd Yatkuu's Lego Super Minions!

Check out these Lego Despicable Me Minions! over on Flickr:

And, if you are looking for more Minions check out this link:

Lego Friends: You’re invited to a Pool Party!

eilonwy77's Lego Friends Pool Party 01

It looks like the Lego Friends are having a Pool Party, and you’re invited. The patterns and colors of this MOC are crazy insane. Every single piece has been carefully placed. The pool pavement, the tiled BBQ area, the beautiful trees and greenery, and the curved wall, everything is made out of Lego pieces. Some of the details can almost get lost in the scene. There are a couple of butterflies enjoying their afternoon. A lazy bird perched on the wall. And, a Lego boom box!

Pool Party is the creation of Flickr user eilonwy77. Some of the details have proven so popular that eilonwy77 has posted some quick guides showing how they are created. Specifically, the trees, the curved wall, and the pool deck. Check out the details here:

eilonwy77's Lego Friends Pool Party 02

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