Lego Despicable Me Minion Party

derjoe's Lego Despicable Me Minion Party

It looks like the Lego Despicable Me Minions are having a party, celebrating the release of their new film: Despicable Me 2! These goofy guys make for some great Lego MOC figures. Full of personality and charm, these Minions will be there when you need them. Just don’t expect them to successfully assemble that Ages 6+ Lego set. These Lego Minions are the creation of derjoe, and can be found over on Flickr. The use of the Lego Magnifying Glass is impeccable, and the eyes are decivingly clever (white Lego round plate with hole, and brown pneumatic tubing). These Minions sure have a lot of SNOT (Studs Not on Top) going on!

derjoe's Lego Despicable Me 2 Minions: Dark Purple

Find more Lego Despicable Me at derjoe’s Flickr page:

LegoTessa has also designed some Minions (and included instructions!) find out more here:

Despicable Me Lego Minions by BricksBen:

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