Despicable Me Lego Minions by BricksBen

BricksBen's Despicable Me Lego Minion

There is just something about these Despicable Me Minions. They are cute, funny, and enduring. But, most importantly they are Lego. Lego Minions are quickly becoming a genre of Lego thats all their own. It helps that their goofy personality and silly charm translates into Lego perfectly. There are so many great Lego Minions out there. The newest has been designed by BricksBen and can be viewed over on Flickr. A great minion, with an inventive smile, tiny feet, and good volume.BricksBen's Despicable Me Lego Minions 02

Make sure to check out this Lego Minion over on Flickr. And, while your at it, check out BricksBen:

More Minions?

LegoTessa has also designed some Minions (and included instructions!) find out more here:

Also check out the Minions and their Minion Party here:

Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 are available at Amazon.

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