Tessa And Her Despicable Me Minions

LegoTessa's Despicable Me Minions

The supervillain Gru has a whole army of Minions. They come in all shape and sizes, but have one thing in common, they are all lacking in the intelligence department. For Minions, oddly enough, they have a whole lot of heart. Often finding themselves in situations of maximum comedy. With the new movie (Despicable Me 2) almost here, a whole lot of Despicable Me MOCs have been popping up. Tessa has created an amazingly simple version of Lego Minions. Using a small amount of common Lego pieces, almost anyone can create these little guys. They sure are cute.

Tessa has even provided simple instructions, showing how to put these little guys together. Make sure to check it out over at YouTube: http://youtu.be/BCh5njxThm0

You can find more photos of these cute little Lego Minions over at LegoTessa:

If you’re looking for some more Minions check out the Minion Party here:

Despicable Me Lego Minion by BricksBen: http://everydaybricks.com/despicable-me-lego-minions/

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