The Table Scraps, A Lego Robot Family

The Table Scrap Lego Robot Family

The Table Scrap Robot Family is the creation of Milan Sekiz. Who challenged themselves to created something with a bunch of never-before-used parts. A lot of which ended up being Minifigure accessories. This Lego Robot Family is all decked out in steampunk colors. The brown, gold, and silver work together well and help make these Table Scraps feel like a family. Some of the details of note are the gold rings used for joints, samurai swords for feet, the ray guns for shoulders, and even Batman batarangs for decorative head gear. It almost looks like they put themselves together. I like to imagine this little Lego Robot Family wandering the earth gathering new parts as they are thrown out…

The Table Scrap Robot Family

Check out the Table Scrap Robot Family over here: