“Guns! Fresh guns for sale!” — Borderlands Lego MOCs

Adan Ramirez's Borderlands Lego Vending Machines

Borderlands Lego is certainly one of those themes that would never be produced. Making it a perfect theme for your own MOCs. The first Borderlands has something like a bajillion guns in it (some say 17.75 million), which is slightly more then the amount of Lego firearms most people have. Adan Ramirez put two and two together and created a set of awesome Borderlands Lego MOCs. The video game is full of working and non-working vending machines. These have been faithfully recreated here with the help of some stickers. The Ammo Dump, Gun$, and Dr. Zed’s Meds are perfectly scaled for Minifigures. They also fit in well with a fuller diorama. Featuring Zer0, a few dead psychos, and a whole lot of propaganda.

“Someone is busy. 
Now we play the waiting game; 
Everyone loses.”

Adan Ramirez's Borderlands Lego MOC

Make sure to check out Adan Ramirez’s Borderlands Lego MOCs over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/legomadness11/16846002260/