The Penguin Monarchy Has Some Cool Gear

The Penguin Monarchy Has Some Cool Gear, Lego MOC

The Royal Penguin Monarchy is part of a greater fictional universe that is a part of Decisive Action 4: Hammer to Fall. If they are going to take over the world they will need the right tools. This collection of Lego Field Gear is created by General Frost. The three tools include a Penguin Ice Pistol, a Penguin Communicator, and a pack of Fish Rations. There are a bunch of fun little details. Such as the pistol having a penguin built into the barrel. The communicator uses a set of glasses from the Lego Brickheadz theme, and a grill piece from a Lego vehicle can be found around the buttons. Also, the brick built fish tails sticking out of the satchel is a great detail. The Penguin Monarchy has a whole world to conquer and hopefully their specialized gear will be enough to get them there.

You can find more details about the Field Gear Lego MOC, and read more fiction about the Penguin Monarchy over here:

A Lego Star Wars Greedo Bust

A Greedo Lego Star Wars Bust

This Lego Star Wars Bust of Greedo is created by Grayson. Built as an entry into the BioCup2020, a two part challenge. The first goal is the use mostly non-system pieces, so a lot of Bionicle and Technic. The other goal is to design something to do with the future. Greedo is a great subject for a challenge like this. His alien design lets you get creative with pieces. You can find one big Bionicle piece used for the head, and another two used for the shoulders. The antannae / feelers have been created with Technic pieces. The use of the Lego hoses is a great way to create clothing. This Lego bust has a very simple but great looking base / stand. He even comes with a separate sculpture of his blaster.

You can find more detail about this Lego Star Wars Bust of Greedo over here:

A Lego Bio-Storm Mechanical Spider Stormtrooper

A Lego Bio-Storm Mechanical Spider Stormtrooper

In Star Wars Stormtroopers and the Galactic Empire have all the coolest toys. AT-ATs, AT-STs, Star Destroyers, a Death Star. Why not add a gigantic robot spider to their arsenal? This Lego Bio-Storm Mechanical Spider Stormtrooper is the creation of Yichen King. It is a giant over engineered mecha with a bunch of lasers. We all know how well trained Stormtroopers are with lasers. The whole robot features an open cockpit. Perfect for sight-lines, and fresh air. Maybe not so safe in battle. Well it should be okay, the pilot is wearing a helmet. As a Lego MOC there is a lot going on. The greebling is top-notch. The fuel canisters and engine in the back look great. And the spider robot even has its own face, with cute little black fangs.

A Lego Bio-Storm Mechanical Spider Stormtrooper Detail

Check out this Lego Bio-Storm Mechanical Spider Stormtrooper over here:

A Lego Bio-Storm Mechanical Spider Star Wars Stormtrooper

A Lego BattleTech Robot, The Mad Cat

ccy's Lego BattleTech Mad Cat

Some of the most iconic mechs ever designed belong to BattleTech (MechWarrior). Some of the most popular BattleMechs are the Warhammer, Locust, Catapult, Marauder, Summoner (Thor), and arguably the Urbanmech. The most famous is the Mad Cat (Timber Wolf) mech. This mech is usually on the over of BattleTech books, and used in all sorts of promotional stuff. It also happens to be one of the best BattleMechs, a “jack of all trades” model. It packs a deadly arsenal, while preserving the agility of the smaller mechs. Flickr user “ccy” has created an extremely accurate Lego BattleTech Mad Cat. All of the weapons are present, the Gauss Rifles, LRM-10s, and the ER Medium Lasers. Even the iconic chicken legs are recreated perfectly in Lego.

ccy's Lego BattleTech Mad Cat Detail

The only thing that is compromised in this Lego Mad Cat is the cockpit. In the source material the cockpit is rather large, taking up most of the center body space. Lego has a vast selection of cockpit pieces but there are not very many oversized options. The awesome thing is that in the Lego model the cockpit (although smaller) looks great. There is even room for a pilot.

ccy's Lego BattleTech Mad Cat Cockpit

Check out “ccy’s” Lego BattleTech Mad Cat over on Flickr:

The Neo-Blacktron Alienator: A reboot of Lego set 6876

Jeremy Williams's Lego Blacktron Alienator

“You cannot hide, Federation!”

If one Lego theme could sum up the 1980’s it would be Blacktron. Jeremy Williams has created the Alienator, a Neo-Blacktron reboot of official Alienator (6876) from 1988. The iconic black and yellow color scheme, the laser gridded star field, and the clunky design is all perfectly represented. The first thing to be updated were the swinging skies which are now four hydraulic legs. One of the best features of this walker is the hidden Pulse Generator hidden in the central body.

Jeremy Williams's Lego Blacktron Alienator Details

Check out this Lego Neo-Blacktron Alienator over on Flickr: