The Penguin Monarchy Has Some Cool Gear

The Penguin Monarchy Has Some Cool Gear, Lego MOC

The Royal Penguin Monarchy is part of a greater fictional universe that is a part of Decisive Action 4: Hammer to Fall. If they are going to take over the world they will need the right tools. This collection of Lego Field Gear is created by General Frost. The three tools include a Penguin Ice Pistol, a Penguin Communicator, and a pack of Fish Rations. There are a bunch of fun little details. Such as the pistol having a penguin built into the barrel. The communicator uses a set of glasses from the Lego Brickheadz theme, and a grill piece from a Lego vehicle can be found around the buttons. Also, the brick built fish tails sticking out of the satchel is a great detail. The Penguin Monarchy has a whole world to conquer and hopefully their specialized gear will be enough to get them there.

You can find more details about the Field Gear Lego MOC, and read more fiction about the Penguin Monarchy over here:

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