A Lego Bottlenose Dolphin

A Lego Bottlenose Dolphin

Here is a Lego Bottlenose Dolphin created by Ken Ito. This Lego dolphin has really captured the overall shape and spirit of those wonderful mammals. The two tone color scheme works well and the divide is surprisingly clean. The end result looks as playful and mischievous as the real thing. The dolphin is perfectly displayed with a beautiful stand. The reductive water and waves works well, and most importantly it matches the style of the main attraction. It does not steal the focus. A well placed transparent brick helps sell the illusion that this dolphin is playfully jumping over a wave.

Lego Bottlenose Dolphin 2.0

Check out the Lego “Bottlenose Dolphin 2.0” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/w9gfo/49685391987/

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