A Deep Dive With A Lego Abyssal Fish

A Deep Dive With An Abyssal Fish - Lego MOC

There are some weird fish living in the deepest darkest trenches in our oceans. The Abyssal Fish is well known for its bioluminescent lure and its oversized jaws. The ocean is so dark, that any light can attract all sorts of fish and creatures. Almost like a fishing pole with a light bulb for a lure. Prey cannot avoid their curiosity and swim right into its mouth. This Lego Abyssal Fish, created by Luis Peña, is an excellent recreation of the deep sea creature. Using neon transparent green bricks works well as the bioluminescent features. The overcrowded and oversized teeth are well done. But the best detail are the Lego sausages being used for gills. I certainly wouldn’t want to catch one of these creatures when fishing.

Check out the Lego Abyssal Fish over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127520452@N04/49772204058/

It’s Time For A Teeth Cleaning At The Lego Dentist Office

It's Time For A Teeth Cleaning At The Lego Dentist Office, Dental Surgery

This Lego Dentists Office is the creation of jarekwally. Somehow it looks like every dentists office ever built. The scene has the ever imposing dental chair, and all the machinery and tools that go with it. Apparently called a Dental Engine. It has the bright overhead light, the little sink, and all the hoses/cords too. There is a short stool, and even a rolling cabinet with what looks like a Novocaine shot. A desk with a computer for looking up records, and a whole lot of cabinets. The faucet for the sink in the back is a great detail, there is even a drain. Everything is spot on. This Lego Dentist office almost makes the whole thing look pleasant.

For more photos check out the Lego Dentist Office, called “Dental surgery,” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/108376497@N06/49735805782/

It's Time For A Teeth Cleaning At The Dentist Office, Lego Dentist Chair