Thomas The Tank Engine Is Haunting My Nightmares

Thomas The Train Is Haunting Your Nightmares - Lego MOC

“Thomas was never the same…” is a Lego MOC built by Leonid An. It is a horrific combination of Thomas the Tank Engine and a spider. A serene smile and eight legs ending in pointy red claws. This type of build is really interesting, as it is combining Duplo, Lego System, and Technic pieces. Most of the connections are made in the middle part of the train/thorax. A complicated setup of legs all meet up in this spot to support Thomas the Train. The two black printed circles on the cab of the train almost look like false eyes. A great detail. Something that may be haunting my nightmares.

Check out this “Thomas was never the same…” creation over here:

It’s Time For A Teeth Cleaning At The Lego Dentist Office

It's Time For A Teeth Cleaning At The Lego Dentist Office, Dental Surgery

This Lego Dentists Office is the creation of jarekwally. Somehow it looks like every dentists office ever built. The scene has the ever imposing dental chair, and all the machinery and tools that go with it. Apparently called a Dental Engine. It has the bright overhead light, the little sink, and all the hoses/cords too. There is a short stool, and even a rolling cabinet with what looks like a Novocaine shot. A desk with a computer for looking up records, and a whole lot of cabinets. The faucet for the sink in the back is a great detail, there is even a drain. Everything is spot on. This Lego Dentist office almost makes the whole thing look pleasant.

For more photos check out the Lego Dentist Office, called “Dental surgery,” over here:

It's Time For A Teeth Cleaning At The Dentist Office, Lego Dentist Chair