Flying Through The Sky With Two Lego Birds

Flying Through The Sky With Two Lego Birds

These two Lego birds are flying through the sky so fancy-free. This Lego MOC is the creation of Azurekingfisher. The blue and orange colors are very striking. For this build the birds and wreath use a whole lot of the Lego leaves. While the green ones are common, the blue and orange ones are hard to find. The orange leaves are most commonly found in Disney Frozen themed sets and the recent Lego Ideas Treehouse (21318) set. The blue leaves are even more rare, only found in two sets, both of which are in the recent Hidden Side theme. The birds are held up kind of like a mobile. The supports are made up of Lego pieces, with Lego whips doing most of the work.

Lego Bird With A Wreath

You can find out more about these two Lego Birds over here:

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